It`s official: Oklahoma City Thunder

The Seattle Sonics are now officially the Oklahoma City Thunder. The name was finally confirmed by the team and announced Wednesday at 6 p.m. Eastern Time. The team’s logo was also revealed, and it did turn out to be the same one that spread around the internet a few days ago in a photo on a mini-basketball in plastic-wrap.

Hit the front page of to see the logo, though I had to edit the surroundings and did a lousy job of that, so don’t blame the team for the white spaces at the bottoms. But, aside from that, there’s the logo.

I’m now posting two polls, asking if fans like the name, and if they like the logo. Hit insidehoops in a few minutes, and scroll down until you see the polls. Then, vote. Tell your friends to do the same.

I personally think ‘Thunder” is a decent name. It’s powerful. And it’ll grow on fans, the same way the Heat name and other names always do over time.

— Jeff

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