Heat arena has tons of empty seats

I’m flipping around NBA league pass, and stopped by the Wizards at Heat game. Miami has an early 14-9 lead. Nothing worth reporting about the game yet, and I’ll probably head to another game in a few minutes.

But it has to be said, judging by TV, the expensive seats look at least 66% empty. The red seats stand out in a big way on television.

I’m a bit surprised that it’s this bad.

The team supposedly gets over 16,000 fans per game so far this season. That’s what’s listed, at least. And, the Wizards aren’t exactly a particularly hot opponent. Still, someone has to get Heat fans into the arena. The team has holes at point guard and center but is still worth watching.

Dwyane Wade is healthy and himself again, even if he’s still getting used to his teammates and new coach. He’s putting up 28.3 points, 5.9 rebounds and 7.6 assists per game on 49.0% shooting. That alone should attract plenty more fans.

Michael Beasley has been a good scorer, but he isn’t rebounding as much as expected. His defense is lacking and a serious work in progress. But he’s good and fun to watch, especially as he grows into a refined player.

Shawn Marion isn’t himself yet. Udonis Haslem is playing decently as a vastly undersized center.

The point guards and centers aren’t worth mentioning at this point.

Still, the team is fun and decent. Heat fans, go see your team!

Author: Inside Hoops

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