Marcus Williams reflects on Nets

Marcus Williams was a backup point guard on the Nets and didn’t play tons of minutes because extremely good players were always ahead of him. Now he’s barely playing for the Warriors and the point guards ahead of him are lucky to even be in the league. Here’s the New York Daily News (Julian Garcia):

As for what went wrong in Jersey, Williams said playing behind a legend after being drafted in the first round of the ‘06 draft made it tough for him to get anything going personally. “I played behind Jason,” Williams said. “Obviously that prevented me from playing as much as I wanted to. And then they brought in Devin, and Devin was having a career year. You can’t really stop a guy from playing who’s having a career year. So I think situations and opportunities weren’t here.” Williams had a reputation for being out of shape while with the Nets, and not necessarily working hard enough to get into shape. He also suffered several injuries along the way that prevented him from earning steady playing time.

I don’t see Williams falling out of the league anytime soon. He’ll have a few more seasons to prove himself worthy of a job before that would happen.

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