Marbury may watch Knicks like a fan

Stephon Marbury is a point guard who is probably best utilized as an undersized shooting guard. He’s also a member of the New York Knicks, though he’s gotten as much court time this season as you have. He’s currently banned by the team, and is on vacation in the West coast. Sweet work if you can get it. Anyway, the Knicks are in Los Angeles tonight to play the Lakers, and there’s a chance that one of the “fans” in the stands watching the game may be Marbury. The New York Post (Marc Berman) reports:

Despite being banned from the Knicks, Stephon Marbury is planning to attend the team’s game against the Lakers on Tuesday night at Staples Center, according to a source close to the situation.  Marbury told The Post last week he was headed for a two-week West Coast vacation to get out of the cold weather and begin training in the Hollywood Hills. He flew to L.A. on Sunday. It is unclear where Marbury plans to sit at the game, but last Thursday he said he was investigating purchasing courtside seats. The exiled point guard was ordered to stay away from Knicks games and practices in an official capacity. The Lakers are raging-hot, with a 10-game winning streak and 20-3 record.

The only other player in an even remotely situation to Marbury is Eric Snow of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but even that is totally different because Snow and his team are on good teams; Snow plays on retiring and it just hasn’t officially happened yet. Until it does, Snow works as an analyst on NBA TV.

I think it would be funny if Marbury became a Knicks groupie and followed the team all around the country as a fan. Maybe try to get their autographs after games.

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