Fan Blog: Coach firings, Wolves and more

The Goose Juice: A look around the league from NBA fan “The Goose”

It’s tough to argue with the firing of Maurice Cheeks given the Sixers’ start to the season. It’s kind of tough to argue with the firing of Sam Mitchell given the Raptors’ start. But would a coaching staff of Phil Jackson, Red Auerbach and Coach K be able to squeeze even 18 wins out of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

– Big shout out to Andrew Bogut who donated some of his own money last week to help keep Australian professional basketball team the Sydney Spirit from going under mid-way through the season. All 29 Spirit fans were said to be ecstatic.

– Another big shout out, this time to rookie Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love. In Sunday’s loss to the Lakers, Love had only 20% of his shot attempts rejected, a new career low!

– Speaking of the Minnesota Timberwolves, anyone seen the numbers OJ Mayo and Brandon Roy have been putting up lately? The one good transaction Kevin McHale made in recent memory was stepping down as VP of Basketball Operations, and even that came with the trademark “McHale Catch” as he named himself Head Coach.

– I don’t care if they beat the Cavaliers. I just don’t think I’ll ever again get used to the idea of an Atlanta Hawks team that doesn’t suck. It’s been one of the most consistent things in recent NBA history, along with D’Antoni teams not playing defense, Don Nelson starting two guards in his frontcourt, and Ricky Davis missing jumpshots.

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