Grandma in Przybilla family mad at fine

Now this is awesome. As you know, Portland Trail Blazers center Joel Przybilla is having a terrific season and contributes more to his team than his stats (6.1 ppg, 8.0 rpg, 1.15 bpg on amazing 75.2% shooting) would suggest.

Przybilla is a pretty level-headed guy. But his grandmother-in-law Stella is mad and not gonna take it anymore.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune (Paul Walsh) reports:

An 80-something in-law of Portland Trail Blazer Joel Przybilla is mad at NBA Commissioner David Stern because the league fined her 7-foot-tall relative for his role in a shoving match with an opposing player last week. Stella Stawski, whose granddaughter is married to Przybilla, said this morning that it’s unfair that the former Gopher and Monticello (Minn.) High School center has to pay the league $7,500 for the physical to-do he had Friday with New Orleans center Tyson Chandler. Stawski, 83 and just a few inches over 5 feet tall, said she mentioned to a friend that she had a mind to fire off a letter to Stern but now concedes that it probably wouldn’t do much good… “The altercation started with the other young man,” Stawski, who lives in suburban Milwaukee, said this morning. “The first punch was done to Joel, not the other way around. … That was a totally flagrant foul.”

I say Stella should challenge David Stern to a game of one-on-one. Winner gets to decide whether the fine stays or goes.

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