John Paxson thinks he stinks

With 18 wins and 25 losses the Chicago Bulls sit in 10th place in the Eastern conference. They’re probably a bit better than their record indicates, but not by much.

The man who put the roster together is former NBA player John Paxson. He was a good outside shooter. But when asked about the team’s lack of success, he’s firing at himself.

The Chicago Sun-Times (Brian Hanley) reports:

Bulls general manager John Paxson is not happy. Not with his team. Not with himself. “The only person I’ll evaluate right now is myself, and I obviously haven’t done the job of putting the type of team that I want to have on the floor in terms of competitiveness and effort,’’ Paxson said Wednesday when asked about the job coach Vinny Del Negro and his staff have done. The Bulls are 18-25. “That falls on me. That’s the only person I’m going to critique. That’s the way it is.’’ … “We’re not very good right now,’’ Paxson said. “We’re not playing well enough to win those [close] games. I’m obviously not happy with how we’re playing. I don’t think my expectations were such going into the season thinking we were going to be a top, top level team. But what I want to see is the team play together. And right now, through 40-plus games, we’re not that. And that concerns me.”

A bright spot has been the play of Bulls rookie point guard Derrick Rose, who is a top favorite for the NBA Rookie of the Year award.

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