David West talks about being an All-Star

Here’s what New Orleans Hornets power forward David West said Friday at 2009 NBA All-Star weekend:

Question: Talk about how special it is that both you and teammate Chris Paul are here as All-Stars.

David West: I think obviously it is a respect from the coaches around the league and how they regard you and what they feel you bring to the basketball floor. We know our teams prepare for us and we actually have the opportunity to ‑‑ as guys coming in from the other team talking about how they prepare for us. Especially someone like myself, this doesn’t persuade me one way or the other.  It is about the fact that I’m on the basketball court and dealing with that as such.

Question: Your first year in the league was kind of tough, especially with health issues. Now you’re a two-time All-Star. Talk about that.

David West: Obviously the keyword was “health.”  I was able to stay healthy.  Like I said, this is not something that I work toward.  One of the goals at the beginning of my year, sometimes I hear guys say it their goal is to be an All‑Star. That’s not something that I shoot for.  I have a goal at the beginning of the year just to be effective and healthy.  Those are the two goals I set.  I don’t set personal goals or anything like that. My whole theory coming into the NBA was showing people I could be effective and show people I could play the game, just be a role guy, sixth, seventh man off the bench.  I wanted to show people I could be effective.

Author: Inside Hoops

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