Dwight Howard was a Skip To My Lou fan

The Orlando Sentinel (Brian Schmitz) reports: His Orlando Magic teammates already are calling him by his legendary streetball name of “Skip.” Dwight Howard, 23, remembers being in middle school and watching Rafer Alston on the And 1 Mix video-tapes, marveling at his Harlem Globetrotter-esque style and jaw-dropping moves. “I wanted to be like ‘Skip To My Lou,'” Howard laughed. “Now we’re on the same team.” Alston, who arrived in a trade last Thursday from the Houston Rockets, just shakes his head about the old days. “Yeah, Dwight told me that. That he watched the And 1 stuff,” Alston said. “It makes me feel old.” … Alston realizes his playground celebrity follows him, but he says he couldn’t have lasted this long in the NBA if he hadn’t holstered his showboating style.

Author: Inside Hoops

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