Kobe Bryant 61 points

Kobe Bryant scored 61 points in Madison Square Garden Tuesday night as the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New York Knicks 126-117.

I was there to witness what was the most fun performance I ever remember seeing in person at an NBA game.

It was magical. And what made it even more awesome was the amount of Laker fans in NY for the game. Chants of MVP erupted repeatedly all throughout the game. And Kobe’s 61 points were created in ways every young basketball player dreams of. He unleashed crazy, absurdĀ  moves, and was tossing jumpers in the faces of any Knicks defender who came near him.

Kobe Bryant’s 61 points in MSG is an instant hoops classic.

Below is a video of every shot Kobe made to score his 61 points. Watch and enjoy:

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Author: Inside Hoops

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