Rashard Lewis talks about being an All-Star

Here’s what Orlando Magic forward Rashard Lewis said Friday at 2009 NBA All-Star weekend.

Question: Talk about this experience, of being an All-Star.

Rashard Lewis: I didn’t expect to be here.  We knew Dwight would be here.  When the coaches vote, you never know what could happen.  There are a lot of guys not on the All‑Star Game that really, you know, have a chance on the All‑Star team.

Question: Talk about your role on Orlando and how it changed from your Seattle days.

Rashard Lewis: They got me playing the four now, pretty much banging with the bigger guys, trying to defend the bigger guys. It works.  We try to spread the floor with Dwight Howard in the middle.  You shoot a lot of three‑pointers.  It helps opening it up for him as well as it opens up for us.

Question: How is this season different from last?

Rashard Lewis: I think this year we gelled a lot more and we connected with the coaches and that’s why we have been successful.

Question: Does the All‑Star selection make it so now people can talk about you as one of the tops in the game?

Rashard Lewis: Hopefully. This is my second All‑Star team and I’m most definitely happy to be here.  But obviously fly under the radar a little bit.  It kind of keeps the fire burning in the NBA. It keeps me playing at the level because there is always something you have to go out there and prove.

Author: Inside Hoops

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