Al Harrington on MTV Cribs

New York Knicks forward Al Harrington and his house were recently featured on a new episode of MTV Cribs.

The 6,800 square foot house in Las Vegas, Nevada has five bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

Harrington introduced himself at the door alongside his fiance, Michelle.

It was a true Cribs type of house: extremely large, insanely perfect, and absurdly beautiful, with perfect furnishing, an amazing pool, truly a dream home.

Harrington also introduced his personal chef, Jay Gross.

Al went out of his way to plug Protege basketball. He was wearing a Protege t-shirt. And when he opened his fridge to show what food and drinks were stored in there, his Protege basketball sneaker, the A3H, was sitting inside, in front of the food. Al, of course, kidded around, pretending to be surprised it was there, and then declared that “it’s so hot, I got to leave it in the Fridge.”

Elsewhere in the house, Harrington’s cousin, NBA player Dahntay Jones, was in a red-walled video game room.

The majority of the crib appears to have yellow, beige and off-white walls.

Amazing place. It looks exactly like a much smaller version of the guest house.

As is a Cribs tradition, Harrington also showed his cars: His everyday car, a white 2008 S5-50 Mercedes with tinted windows. And a blue 2009 Rolls Royce that he just got last week.

Rough life, but someone has to live it.

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