Blake Griffin to work out for Clippers Saturday

Blake Griffin to work out for Clippers Saturday

College star forward Blake Griffin will work out for the Los Angeles Clippers Saturday afternoon.

Griffin is widely considered the best player in the upcoming 2009 NBA draft, and the Clippers have the #1 selection in the first round.

They are expected to select Griffin, but it’s still standard for the player to work out for the team, meet his future employers, let the two sides get to know each other a little better, talk about their favorite colors, etc.

And, seeing Griffin on the basketball court having him do whatever they tell him to will help the Clippers get an even better read about what he’s good at, which helps make roster decisions. Par for the course.

There are some rumblings that the Clippers are open to trading the first pick, but nothing serious. And frankly, every team in the draft is always “open” to trading any player or pick, if the price is right.

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