Kenny Gattison says Hornets pushed him out

The New Orleans Times-Picayune (Jimmy Smith) reports (via blog): The decision by the Hornets to part ways with lead assistant coach Kenny Gattison was anything but mutual, Gattison said Monday as he continued to search for another job. “This was not a mutual parting,” Gattison said via telephone. “In this economy, who would mutually agree to give up their job? Even though technically I only had a little over a month to go on my contract with the Hornets, given my years of service and contributions to the organization, I think some consideration should have been made toward my coaching career and my family. “If it’s something that they felt it was best to change, we played our last game over a month ago. The timing of it puts me in a very bad spot as far as going out and seeking employment.” The Hornets announced last Friday that the team and Gattison came to a collective understanding about Gattison’s departure so that he could seek other opportunities. Gattison said at a meeting last week he was told his services were no longer needed, and he has found many vacancies that were once open — on multiple basketball levels — have been filled.

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