Suns in a complicated place

The East Valley Tribune (Scott Bordow) reports: The potential trade of Shaquille O’Neal — while big in stature — is not the most critical element. The Suns know they won’t get much for O’Neal in return. The best they can hope for is a late first-round draft pick or a young player. Either way, the franchise won’t be dependent on the return. No, it’s what Steve Kerr does with Amaré Stoudemire and Steve Nash these next few weeks — or months — that will determine the team’s future success and, to a large part, either restore Kerr’s reputation or destroy it completely. Somehow, Kerr has to convince Nash that the team can win as it gets younger and cheaper. If he’s successful and Nash signs an extension, the Suns will, at the very least, be competitive and entertaining.

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