Terrence Williams feels big love from a team

Louisville forward Terrence Williams was the only top NBA draft prospect I spoke to on Wednesday who seems to know exactly where he’s going.

He’s not telling who, though.

I’m not going to dig up the exact quotes right now, but the entertaining, personable player made several statements that made it pretty clear a team has probably promised to take him. And he believes the team, whoever they are.

But Williams isn’t too worried about dropping. If it happens, fine. Williams knows that simply being invited to the NBA Draft ‘Green Room’ is a big victory, and unless something crazy happens the versatile player who works equally hard on both ends of the floor will go first round for sure, and probably higher than most.

After reporters were done speaking to the players, Williams pulled out a handheld and interviewed guard Johnny Flynn, his buddy and another top prospect.

In the fun interview of his friend, Williams asked Flynn if he knows where he’s going to be selected, and then said “I do!”

The 2009 Draft is Thursday night.

Author: Inside Hoops

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