Anderson Varjeo says he does not flop. He sambas

George M. Thomas of the Akron Beacon Journal reports

Anderson Varjeo says he does not flop. He sambas

Ask Cavaliers forward Anderson Varejao about his reputation as a flopper, and his reply is direct.

”I don’t flop; I samba,” said the curly-haired Brazilian.

For this season, he’s right. Varejao isn’t the King of Flop in the NBA. In fact, the number of offensive fouls he’s drawn this season is down markedly from past years.

Last year, he had lured competitors into 52 offensive fouls. In 2006, it was 99. This season, he’s drawn a mere 25 offensive fouls.

It would be easy to assume, then, that Varejao’s game is off. Not at all. Varejao isn’t drawing as many offensive fouls on opponents, but he is still bringing needed energy off the bench for the Cavs and contributing in more ways.

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