NBA fans given Most Valuable Player vote

NBA fans now have one small vote in the league’s Most Valuable Player award voting. The league is giving fans as a collective group the equivalent of one vote out of 125 for who wins the award. More details here.

I am OK with fans getting one small voice here, but it probably shouldn’t ever be made any larger than this. Because team fan bases are not created equal. Some players will always be more popular than others, regardless of how good they are. It’ll never be even, impartial or fully fair.

While tons of fans will vote in honest fashion, many others will just vote for their favorite star whether he’s actually MVP-worthy or not.

And I hate to remind you of what worldwide fans do regarding Yao Ming in NBA Fan All-Star voting.

So, this is nice. Good to get the fans as a group slightly involved. Maybe in the future it should be raised to 1/100th of the voting. But not more than that. And for now, 1/125th is good.

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