Andrei Kirilenko hopes to return soon

Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Andrei Kirilenko hopes to return soon

Whether it’s in one of the final games of the Jazz’s series against the Nuggets or in the Western Conference semifinals should the Jazz advance, Andrei Kirilenko sounded increasingly encouraged Tuesday about returning to action in these playoffs.

Kirilenko resumed court work Monday with sliding, jumping and shooting on the move and reported “no pain at all, which I was excited about” with his strained left calf.

“I wanted to go more,” said Kirilenko, who decided it was best not to push things. “Before when I get back, I felt like (the calf) gets tired very quick, like a little stiff,” he said. “Like right now I don’t feel any stiffness, no soreness, just tiredness. But I know it’s tiredness from the work.”

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