Bob Cousy thinks Rajon Rondo is awesome

Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald reports:

Bob Cousy thinks Rajon Rondo is awesome

Rajon Rondo already has Bob Cousy’s Celtics record for most assists in a season, but he also has something more valuable. Cousy’s respect and admiration.

“I’ve been saying since probably the first year that it seems to me he touches all the bases for a point guard,” said the Cooz. “If there is a negative – and I don’t know how much of a negative it is – he seems to be insecure about his shooting. But, hell, the guy’s shooting almost 52 percent. How much better could he be if he looked for his shot all the time? But that’s not the function of a point guard.

“Everything else is there. He rebounds much taller than he is. He’s a tough, tough defender. And he creates well. He adds a little something, so he’s obviously getting more confident with the moves and the imagination that he shows. As far as I’m concerned, he’s their most valuable player this year.”

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