Danny Ainge predicts Rajon Rondo won’t be traded

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo’s trade status and thorny nature are again the stuff of national speculation, and Danny Ainge isn’t surprised.

“It’s never stopped,” the Celtics [team stats] president said yesterday after the latest wave hit with an ESPN.com report Wednesday. “It’s like if the Patriots [team stats] lose three straight games, and people start talking about trading Tom Brady [stats].”

Ainge was quick to insist Rondo’s most likely team following the March 15 trade deadline is the one that pays him now. He added that he is not currently trying to trade the point guard.

“I anticipate him being here for a long time,” said Ainge, who also derided reports that Rondo, who has butted heads with virtually every coach he’s ever had, now has a worsened relationship with Doc Rivers.

“Rondo and Doc get along fine. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t bumps in the road. But I would go so far as to say they get along now better than they ever have. This is nothing new. There are other issues that concern us so much more.”

— Reported by Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald

Author: Inside Hoops

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