The next offseason is a pivotal one for the Warriors

Teams around the league are all dealing with the same key issue — the coronavirus. But getting more specific, here’s the Mercury News focusing on the Warriors:

In what will be a pivotal offseason for a Warriors organization aiming to vault back into contention next season, the fallout of the coronavirus could impact the quality of its draft pick, how much it is willing to spend on free agents and more.

Beyond the health concerns and the Warriors’ bottom line, this will also impact next season’s salary cap, which is based on a negotiated portion of basketball-related income. Without gate revenue, the league as a whole could stand to lose as much as $500 million, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks.

Meanwhile, with seven home games at Chase Center likely lost, the Warriors could lose as much as $25 million in revenue, according to a source familiar with the Warriors’ finances. There are also television, radio and advertising partnerships to consider.

Steph, Klay and Dray obviously proved able to do big things together in the past. It’ll be interesting to see who their supporting cast is once the next offseason’s player movement results are set.

Of course, we’re all still hoping to see the rest of this currently-paused season played. But these Warriors are all about the future.

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