Some Nuggets 2020 NBA draft thoughts

The 2020 NBA draft is just 15 days away. Here’s the Denver Post with some thoughts:

After what Jamal Murray just did in Orlando, point guard is about the last place the Nuggets need to upgrade in this month’s draft.

Murray’s rise coupled with Monte Morris’ steady play as a backup gives Denver a backcourt tandem that only a handful of teams can rival. But this year’s draft process, the most prolonged in NBA history, could be wonky. It’s been months since teams were able to see live competition from prospects, and in-person evaluations have been limited.

Not to mention, the Nuggets could throw potential need right out the window with the No. 22 pick on Nov. 18. If an elite point guard somehow slipped to their range, the Nuggets aren’t above drafting talent and then sorting out the rest later. In fact, there’s an argument to be made that talent should be prioritized over fit if Denver stays at No. 22.

As for Nuggets free agency, the team’s key guards are all signed at least through next season. Same with star center Nikola Jokic. But forward Jerami Grant has the option to enter free agency, while the contracts of Paul Millsap and Mason Plumlee are up.

Considering the Nuggets’ spot in the first round, they’re more likely to land a good backup guard in the draft than a starting forward. Those frontcourt holes will likely need to be filled in free agency.

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