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The AP reports:

The wife of Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon directed CPR efforts on a lawyer who suffered an apparent heart attack in a Los Angeles courthouse where Bui Simon and her husband are being sued by former household help.

Bui Simon immediately rushed over Monday and directed a man on how to do chest compressions as the victim lay motionless.

Bystanders say the stricken attorney walked out of another courtroom down the hall and suddenly fell to the ground. Bui Simon shouted commands to attorney Robert Vargas, who was doing the CPR and continued to urge him on until medical personnel arrived.

David Stern

What salary does NBA commissioner David Stern make?

It seems no one is sure.

The New York Daily News, reporting in February of 2011, said that several sources suggest Stern earned $23 million the previous season.

And today, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo reports the following:

Strange, but the union never has the courage to bring up the mystery surrounding Stern’s salary. Many owners don’t even know what Stern makes. “I’d say three or less know,” one NBA owner told Yahoo! Sports. Several believe it’s somewhere in the range of $20 million to $23 million a year, but no one knows for sure. Maybe it’s more than that, but the fact that some owners don’t know the answer is beyond belief.

Mostly, it speaks to the authoritarian culture created within the league office, and how Stern carries it out through the NBA. Some younger owners have been warned to never push the issue with him, never ask, because it’s simply unadvisable to get on the wrong side of the commissioner.

Assuming this is in the general ballpark, it sounds like David Stern’s salary is at least $20 million for the season, and perhaps a bit more.

That’s a lot of money. But it’s a big job. Commissioners of top sports leagues, CEO’s of big companies, etc. are well-paid people.

Rockets Hawks Basketball

Chris Hagan of the Statesman Journal reports:

For the first time in five years Rick Adelman is going through his summer without an NBA coaching job, and for now he’s taking advantage of the free time.

“Right now I don’t plan on doing anything, just taking some time off,” Adelman said Monday at Illahe Hills Country Club in South Salem, hosting the 22nd Rick Adelman Golf Classic.

The event supports the Chemeketa Community College Foundation, which provides scholarships for Chemeketa student athletes.

“It’s a hard grind in the NBA and I’ve been doing it for 20-plus years,” he said. “I’m just looking forward to getting away from it.” …

Now back living in Portland, Adelman has been connected to a number of openings, including most recently the Minnesota Timberwolves and former Lake Oswego star Kevin Love. Still, the coach said he’s not planning on returning to the sidelines just yet.

“I don’t have any plans to next year, no,” Adelman said.

“They had me interviewing a couple of places that I never even went to,” he said. “It’s all part of it now. If you don’t have a job and you’ve coached in the league, the first thing that happens if a job opens up, they throw the same names out there.

“Sometimes you know things are happening, but until you hear from teams, I don’t believe a lot of things I read,” Adelman said.

Updated list of Raptors GM candidates

Andrea Bargnani

David Aldridge of reports:

Don’t expect any movement on the Toronto general manager’s search for a couple of weeks. Team president Bryan Colangelo was in Europe last week and won’t start whittling down his group of candidates until the middle of the month. Sixers GM Ed Stefanski, former Hornets GM and coach Jeff Bower and Spurs assistant GM Dennis Lindsey are among the candidates, but former Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard is also believed to be in the hunt and is a strong candidate. Pritchard took a player personnel job with the Pacers earlier this summer, but has an out in his deal that would allow him to leave if a GM job became available.

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Pacers Hawks Basketball

David Aldridge of reports:

When Tom Gores (Detroit Pistons) came aboard in early June, he said part of his job isn’t to agree with whatever Joe Dumars wanted, but “to challenge Joe, and hopefully that will make the outcome better.” And though Dumars never publicly indicated whom he preferred to succeed John Kuester as coach, several people around the league believe he preferred former Hawks coach Mike Woodson to Frank. But Frank blew Gores and his people away during the interview process.

Yet a source insisted this weekend that Dumars concurred with Gores that Frank was the right choice for the job.

(For his part, Woodson has moved on, interviewing for the Minnesota Timberwolves’ vacancy. And a source indicates he’ll be in New York early this week to talk with the Knicks about becoming their defensive coordinator, a job that management has mandated coach Mike D’Antoni, entering the final year of his contract, accept for next season.)

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Lacy J. Banks of the Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Despite the NBA lockout, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ceremonies will go on as scheduled.

‘‘We have been declared a ‘safe zone’ in terms of current players interacting with NBA team managers,” Hall of Fame president and CEO John Doleva said in an interview Thursday. ‘‘We’re a separate entity from the NBA anyway. Our program is to always honor basketball at every level and the individuals who make it great.

‘‘So we have not been told there will be any restrictions about [management] and current players interacting or any seating restrictions at our reunion banquet, our pre-enshrinement cocktail and the enshrinement ceremony itself. NBA-TV cameras will be free to interview people, including current players.”

Doleva added that former Bulls assistant coach Tex Winter, severely hampered after a stroke in 2009, has said he will attend.

The three-day ceremonies in Springfield, Mass., will start Aug. 11.

Chris Bosh

People, in general, are “open” to the idea of doing lots of things that involve making money for doing something fun.

NBA players are no different.

The latest player worth caring about to reportedly have interest in maybe, possibly going overseas should he feel like it is Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh.

The Miami Herald reports:

Not only is Dwyane Wade open to considering overseas overtures should the lockout extend into the season, but Chris Bosh is, too, according to their agent, Henry Thomas.

As has said many times, the vast majority of good or great NBA players will not be signing overseas anytime soon. Things only might start to get a bit more serious if September and October roll around and there’s still no inkling that the league lockout is close to ending.

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Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman reports:

Around these parts the Thunder’s mysterious pre-draft dealings with 24th overall pick Reggie Jackson stands as one of the most fascinating occurrences in the franchise’s short history.

Already owning a reputation for his draft night wheeling and dealings and seemingly a yearly propensity to pluck a sleeper pick, Thunder general manager Sam Presti added another dimension to his unpredictable draft strategy when he allegedly promised Jackson he’d be a Thunder if he was still around at 24…

The part where conspiracy theorists feast is when Jackson shut down all private workouts and interviews shortly after a workout in Oklahoma City. Jackson pulled the plug on his other stops because of a knee injury, leading many to think it was simply a smokescreen. But Jackson swears it was legitimate.

“After a workout for Oklahoma City, I came back and played pickup at my school,” Jackson said. “My knee, normally I could feel it tweaking, but it always got better. But it got worse. I went to the doctor and found out I couldn’t go for about a month. I was supposed to come back. I tried to and I just couldn’t compete, so I had to shut it down. That’s about it. I was supposed to have workouts for other teams, but I honestly couldn’t go. And that was that.”

Jackson had tendinitis in his knee, something he says he played with since his sophomore season at Boston College. He just always played through the pain.

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