The Washington Post (Michael Lee) reports: Derek Fisher is the Lakers’ only regular rotation player older than 30. On the other hand, Parker is the only player who is younger than 30 in the Spurs’ regular rotation. But the 26-year-old Parker doesn’t mind being grouped with the rest of the AARP roster. “With all the years with the [French] national team, you can add me an extra four years,” Parker said with a laugh. Parker and Horry both joked that a postseason reunion with the Lakers will make them feel young again. Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Fisher and Horry have been around for each of the previous five Lakers-Spurs clashes, of which the Lakers won three. Horry switched from the Lakers to the Spurs before the teams last met in the conference semifinals in 2004, a series that the Lakers won after Fisher made an off-balance 17-foot jumper with 0.4 of a second left in the critical Game 5. The Lakers advanced to the NBA Finals that season, losing to the Detroit Pistons.