Peja Stojakovic, a great outside shooter, didn’t fare too well in the 2008 NBA Three-Point Shootout, not reaching the second/final round. He shot pretty well, but it wasn’t good enough tonight. Here’s what he said afterwards:

Q: Were you disappointed in how you finished?

Peja Stojakovic: No, no, I just wanted to enjoy myself and enjoy the weekend and that’s about it. It’s a tough competition and Jason Kapono deserved it, he shot the ball and congrats.

Q: What was going through your mind watching Kapono shoot the way he did?

Stojakovic: I knew that the way I started I didn’t have a chance. As I said yesterday, it’s different than playing a game — you can’t come right from the warm-up and step into the competition, you have to wait and once they call your name you got to be ready. It’s different, but its fun, and I haven’t done it in a long time and it’s a good experience.

Q: Is it better to go early or go late in the competition?

Stojakovic: It’s better to go early, right after the warm-up — you step into the competition and you’re ready to go. As I said, it’s different than shooting by yourself in practice and obviously, 60 seconds shooting 25 shots is tough.