Jim O’Donnell of the Chicago Sun-Times reports:

LeBron says Bulls were well-coached

For LeBron James — who just missed a triple-double with 19 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists despite a troublesome elbow — the question was tweaked.

”After the five games,” James was asked, ”did you think the Bulls were particularly well-coached, poorly coached or just in between?”

”I think they were well-coached,” James said. ”Vinny and his staff had that group ready. They have a group of young talent that can really play the game of basketball, and they played hard. There was not one point where they were laying down.

”In Game 4, we just got our stuff going and made stops, but they didn’t lay down. I’m not trying to make a pitch for Vinny because I know what’s going on — is Vinny in or is Vinny out? That’s not my job. But they played hard.”