The New Jersey Nets are great at landing sponsorships. Here are their latest deals:

NETS Basketball continues to globalize its franchise as it enters into new sponsorship alliances with PEAK, one of the leading China-based sports products companies, and Zippo, the internationally renowned maker of the famous Windproof Lighter.

In following the team’s participation in the NBA’s China Games in October, the NETS’ new sponsorship with PEAK demonstrates its sustainable business presence in China despite no longer having a Chinese player. PEAK, which is based in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China, became the NETS’ first China-based partner in October 2008.

PEAK’s sponsorship agreement with the NETS includes television-visible courtside and baseline signage that can be seen during the NETS regular season home games that will be broadcast in China this season.

PEAK, which recently opened its U.S. office in Los Angeles, will also receive signage during NETS home games at the Prudential Center on both LED’s and the centerhung scoreboard.

Zippo sells its diverse product line in more than 160 countries, including Russia, the U.S., China, Japan, and India.  It will receive a variety of sponsorship entitlements during the 2010-11 NBA season such as: television-visible courtside signage during NETS home games; advertising time during local radio broadcasts of NETS games; and advertising on the NETS’ English and Russian official team websites.

“PEAK and Zippo are exciting international brands that align perfectly with our global objectives,” said NETS CEO Brett Yormark. “While we continue the globalization of the team, we also remain committed to serving as a marketing solution for international partners. As we form these alliances, it is clear that our message of providing value is resonating throughout the international business community.”

“We are excited to continue in a partnership with the NETS and realize the powerful benefits of building our business through NETS Basketball in the U.S.’s No. 1 media market,” said PEAK CEO Jim Xu.

“Aligning with the NETS gives us traction in two key markets in Russia and the United States,” said Zippo’s Global Marketing Director, David Warfel.  “Our strategy of product diversification and foreign market penetration can be realized through this partnership.  We can leverage our entitlements to promote our Outdoor Line in the U.S. and build awareness in Russia.”

The NETS extended their international reach in October when they announced a sponsorship alliance with Aeroflot, Russia’s leading air carrier and among Russia’s most recognized brands, and with Stolichnaya, a pioneer in the flavored vodka category. In addition to their pre-season games in China, the NETS visited Russia in October and will be playing in the NBA’s first-ever regular season games in Europe in March when they play twice against the Toronto Raptors in London.

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