Marc J. Spears of Yahoo reports:

Derrick Rose

“People will say, ‘He didn’t get that much help,’ ” Rose said of the Bulls’ loss to the Heat. “It’s always just been me. I put a lot of pressure [on myself]. What would have happened if I was in better condition? How would I have played? You never know how it would have worked itself out.

“I’m hard on myself, very hard on myself. I think that’s why I play the way I play because I hate making mistakes.”

Rose was intrigued by the recent news that New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams has decided to play professionally in Turkey during the lockout, but Rose says he’s not seriously considering the option yet. He plans to continue to work out in Los Angeles and is contemplating playing in the local Drew League, a pro-am league.

“I’m trying to stay positive,” Rose said. “I don’t think negative. I don’t think I’m going overseas or anything yet. …You just hope our season starts on time. That’s the only thing I can hope for.”

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