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Default Re: Celtics Fans Check In

I suppose I'll do this, since I'm bored.

Location: Whitman, MA. [grew up in Everett, lived in Malden for a while, too]
Favorite Current Celtics: Paul Pierce [would I have it any other way?]
Favorite Former Celtics: Walter McCarty, oh do I miss that man. Recently, probably Big Al, loved watching him develop despite his injuries.
Best Celtics Memory: It's gotta be Pierce's scoring explosion a couple years ago. Big Al destroying Eddy Curry last year. Gerald Green taking it to Kobe for a few minutes in Los Angelas last year. Tons, too many to list.
Other NBA teams you root for: None, really.
Other sports team you root for: Pats, obviously. BoSox. New England Revolution [just kidding].
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