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Originally Posted by FabCasablancas
The Bucks WERE a defensive team. Sidney Moncreif was a stellar defender. They were a top ranked defensive tema in the league. They won with D.

I actually did some research and the bucks were good defensively in their era. Not sure what that proves.

I don't hate Nellie. I think he's a good coach, read my posts.

I disagree that he's a felxible coach. He did not adjust to talent, he'd bring in talent that could adjust to him - and he did it very well. When he was challenged in NY, he failed. Part of playoff coaching is flexibility and adjustments - which Nellie is horrible at.

Originally Posted by FabCasablancas
Nellie is a victim of his own success.. any other coach who doesn't get lucky and get great players to coach with, as long as Nellie, gets tossed out of the league never to return. But Nellie was able to be successful with what he had. It was like Nellie was building racecars to run in the Indianapolis 500 out of scrap..

Nellie was usually his own GM, so if his players were bad, its really his fault. I don't think he gets the "I have no players" excuse. The Knick team he took over had just been to its second consecutive conference finals. They were good. His GS team was quite good, then became quite bad. His Dallas team was terriffic.
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