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Originally Posted by Niquesports
Lets be honest its a great thing that new talent has come into the league but what team has won a title with a euro as its prime player Zero Nellie is what is wrong with the NBa 7 foot players shooting 3's soft centers when will someone get reall smart and go develop talent in Africa and fine the next Hakeem or Mutombo instead of lokking for the next 7 foot Dirk that wants to shoot jumpers all the time.

if you're talking about titles, why did you bring mutombo up??? ha ha

and your screen name is nique. how many conference finals did nique make?

a lot of foreign players are garbage (tckitivilla or whatever his name is). but there are still a lot of non-us players who got game. they may not be championship level, but that doesn't mean they don't belong in the nba. they can play and they improve teams. ie ginobili, kirilenko, nocioni, etc. most of these guys would probably still playing in the euro leagues if guys like don nelson hadn't helped expose the talent from overseas.
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