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Default Re: How good is Kevin Love ?

Originally Posted by 76ers4life
I thought that was the absolute dumbest trade in the darft I have seen recently. I don't give a rats ass what people think you don't trade O.J. Mayo for no freakin Kevin Love. I think that 18ppg from Mayo would have helped Minnesota out alot more this year than anything Love has givin Minnesota at this point. You team Mayo along with Jefferson two young studs who you could build around and all of a sudden Minnesota has a very bright future. 5 years from now that trade is going to make Minnesota look awfully bad I see a brighter future in Memphis than I do in Minnesota what a bad trade.
its not nearly as bad as you think. we also got mike miller in the deal who is a very solid all around type of player. Love will also be a constant double double machine while i doubt mayo will ever even average a double double for the season (yes i know he plays a different position). also why is it that memphis ended up with the same record as us with a lot more talent?
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