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Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Then I have no qualm with that good sir.

I read in here that you've known each other since you were 11... How'd the relationship start? Were you friends for a while, then started dating?
Just one of those things. I knew of her, we had classes together in 6th grade. I actually had a nickname for her in 6th grade, but I never talked to her after that year really, even though we shared a homeroom in 8th grade. One of my favorite stories though, is that I played Bob Cratchit, the father of Tiny Tim in a 6th grade play of "A Christmas Carol", and oddly enough, she played my wife. I love that story. But no, I didn't even see her in my highschool any of the four years, not that I can remember anyways. It was a big school so it's somewhat understandable. But anyways, a year or so back, I saw her on the People You May Know thing on facebook, added her, began chatting about shit, actually I started the convo off by calling her the old nickname I gave her. But yeah, it's all history from there.
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