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Default Re: Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Originally Posted by JMT
So you would have decided to take "anyone but LeBron"? What happened to the 11 scouts that are raving about him, as all the scouts were at the time?

Think Darko would have kept you in a job?

Im sure I left out some punctuation in there somewhere but what I was saying is....I would take Lebron. Anyone would. And it wouldnt take a deep knowledge of the game to do so. Though I remember clearly reading Chad Ford say he spoke to 2 GMS who would have taken Darko over Lebron.

So....these arent just...brilliant people. They dont have to be. Im thinking just listening and having a personality that can keep those under you in line would be enough.

I would say the average GM knows more than most fans. The usually come from the game. But a fan could do much of what they have to do decisionmaking wise and not result in the worst team of all time.
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