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Default Re: Allen Iverson Is To Blame

OP, this is what you said:

Originally Posted by eurobum
enough is enough.

like, really? if i saw any of you ISH chumps geared up like that playing pickup games i would definitely metta world war your ass (obviously, i wouldn't, but i would laugh and try to take pictures to show people for laughs). are these people serious? they don't think it's getting waaaaaaaaaay out of hand?

the picture above: white uni, BLUE shoes, RED calf thingy/knee socks, RED headband, sleeves for BOTH arms. i hate sleeves and i hate headbands. anyone actually thinking sleeves serves a functional purpose: placebo. lol at "warms the muscles." ok.

these people are so enamored with "fashion"* and looking the part that they just come across as blind lemmings lining up to walk off the cliff. they have no sense of bigger picture, of the macrocosm, only their punitive microcosm. of course, they are professional athletes, so it's not like i'd want them to spend all their time styling them selves (lol), but cmon. too much, man, way too much. if i'm a top 10 player in the league, i'm thinking of my legacy and just going timelessly simple.

in 2019 people will reflect on this decade and they'll realize it turned out to be the '80s part II. not in terms of actual style, but in the sense that everything has to be extreme and over the top and when looking back at this period people will think "lol what where they thinking?" and pictures like the above one will be passed around for major laughs.

i can't stomach watching dudes semi dressed up as superheroes. somewhere along the line expressing the way you look, which is perfectly fine, moved from expressing individuality to now falling into conformity and looking like everyone else (lemmings) coming straight from the NBA Players' Look Factory™.

*tattoos, too, same principle and off court attire as well. cmon, man, enough with the nerd glasses that hipsters brought out like four years ago. just stick to playing basketball.

this generation is suffering due to massive overexposure (twitter, facebook, constant media surveillance, what have you).

that's why rose da god and durant da god (i can deal with leg shit, though i still don't fu*ks with the glasses, backpack "thing" (why it gotta be a "thing"? if he just wore a backpack and didn't make any fuzz about, i wouldn't care (lol at triple parenthesis))). it's funny to me how these two represent the newest generation of superstars and they "get it" ... they're distanced from the lebron/howard generation of buffoonery** and it shows in this aspect and also just in their humble ass attitudes.

**personally, i think lebron should gear the fu*k down and go bald as well. he'd look beastly, no michael. don't even get me started on dwight howard. his media personality :ugh.


This is what everyone understood:

Originally Posted by eurobum
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