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Default Re: Anybody Ever Done Warehouse Work?

Originally Posted by Scholar
Oh, also, there's a dude who's been working at the warehouse I guard for ~3 months. He went from an overweight slob looking motherfucker to now being pretty damn toned. He told me it was because of the warehouse work and that he doesn't workout at all during his free time.

Just figured that might be some useful info.
I can attest to that. When I moved up to Wisconsin I was 185lbs. I worked at a floor/roof truss plant for 1.5 years. I ate horribly 5 days a week (mostly Burger King and McDonald's) and I lost 25 pounds over 5 months probably becuase I was burning 2000+ calories a day from work alone, not counting my regular calories I burn to stay alive.. I was insanely thin looking. but I was toned as well. Then when I left that job I went from 160 to eventually 240 after 5 years. Right now I'm been between 180 and 185 the last 3 months. Eating right and working out.
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