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Default Re: Dropping Out of College?

Originally Posted by intrinsic
Replies like this one.

You're a grown man -- 27 years old. No one is going to show more than a passing interest in your life. That's reality. From my limited perspective, this whole thread reads like a device you're using to feel like people care about you.

Randy also brought up something very important . Attitude. A good first step would be to honestly ask why you have such a low opinion of yourself.

I have a low opinion of myself because I am 27 and haven't really accomplished anything of significance of my life. I am obese but am working on it. I am a virgin and have never been in a relationship. I have high social anxiety and timidity issues. I am broke and unemployed. I am getting a degree in Business Management and heard that is a very oversaturated degree so if I don't make it in the entertainment industry, I will have a crappy degree to fall back on. For the most part, these are the reasons I have a low opinion of myself. Randy said it himself, I am a loser for the most part. At the same time, I know wallowing in self-pity isn't going to change my situation and most of my problems can be fixed if I work hard enough.
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