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Default Re: Sources: Lakers hire Mike D'Antoni

Okay it took a few days but I am finally here and ready to comment on the hiring of Mike D'antoni, and not the heavily anticipated Phil Jackson.

Before I officially give my opinion, I want to address all my points in bullets:

*Entertaining the return of Phil*

1) Phil Jackson's reported demands, which hadn't begun this season, but even when he was in his last stint with us, we're always going to be rebuked, rebuffed, and rejected by the lakers organization. A big salary is way too much for a coach who wasn't going to coach every single game. He also wanted to bring on Brian Shaw (who is already assisting in IND) and Scottie Pippen. More salaries to add to what they already have to pay for. Although Phil Jackson had come out to say that "He didn't make any of those demands". We never know if this is true. The loser will always come out swinging in his best interest. Lastly, Phil Jackson wanted to take a "few days" to decide whether he "really wanted in" or not. Its a scary thing to come across. What if he was motivated one day, and then not into it the next day? We've seen what an unmotivated Phil can do to a big important game. Losing against the pistons in the finals, he was definitely a factor. Losing against the mavs a couple seasons back...also a slight factor.

2) Jim Buss and Phil don't like each other. It is obvious. It was pointed out by Max yesterday on 710 ESPN, that Jimmy had always been jealous of the success by Phil Jackson. 11 championship rings in the NBA. Enough said. It seemed that by the request of front office decision making, Jimmy felt challenged by phil. I don't know what that situation is. There was no way those two would come back working together. Not now, and not in the future.

3) Now let us say that Phil is hired, and he is the laker coach now. Let's look at the biggest problem that happens here. The triangle offense comes back to town. This offense is similar to the principles of the princeton offense, the reason we fired Mike Brown. It involves equal sharing of all 5 players, renders our HOF point guard in Nash completely useless, and it takes a very long time to master and be comfortable with (at least 2 seasons). Ron Artest never grasped it, and was about to be in school once again with Nash and Dwight who also do not have any experience running this offense (Dwight in high school with Javaris crittenton but thats a completely different level and unrelated to Phil's triangle).
Did we not all agree before that we didn't need a complex offense for the talent level of this team???? We agreed that we just needed Nash to run the show, sharing responsibilities with Kobe. Mike Brown overdid it and it cost him his job. Why should the addition of Phil Jackson to this team, with practically 75% new players, produce any different results? Phil is a great motivator. He brings the best out of his players and they are always playing hard whether they love phil or hate him. That is true.
But this team now has all possible talent, and leadership on the court to win a championship. Do we absolutely need the triangle? Absolutely not.

*What the addition of D'antoni brings*

1) Show time style basketball looks like it can return to LA. Watching all superstars on the team play selflessly, with each one contributing all what they can give to win the championship. We will probably see the most efficient offensive team in the league this season and next. Nash will be absolutely comfortable, and at his age, he doesn't need to look to dominate a game. Rather than he can play freely, and dish to whoever is in great position to put the ball in the hoop. This move will also greatly improve the play of the bench who has been a disappointment every year. Watch Jamison getting more open shots. Meeks getting more shots. Darius Morris using his quickness to thrive in this offense. Offensively, I think we can all agree that we will be happy in this department

2) Defensively a lot of people are questioning how this team will perform. I know what people say "Haha he's a crappy defensive coach"...."Haha D'antoni doesn't even preach defense".....and my most favorite one "He should be called Antoni...not D'antoni"...I've heard it all.
What people don't realize is the tempo of the phoenix suns team is what created big scores. You can't expect the phoenix suns, coached by d'antoni, to score 120-130 points....and then hold the opposing team to under 90. It's unreal, and can only be witnessed in the olympics. I understand that their defense was not above average. It may not have been average. But lets look at the players on the team. Diaw, Nash, any of those guys play defense? No not at all! We have Ron Artest who will continue to guard the best perimeter, and sometimes even post player on the opposing team. We have Dwight Howard, who by the way, will probably average more rebounds and blocked shots because of the amount of possessions each game. We have Kobe, who has proven he can be the best perimeter defender in the league. All we have to worry about is Nash. But when Nash sits, we got Blake, Morris, Duhon. All those guys are spectacular when it comes to defending other guards. Look who might come to town to help him defensively as well....Nate McMillan. Everyone wanted that guy to come here to be a head coach! If those two work well together, we might be able to pull of a ring for Kobe this year, next year, and hell...maybe even the year after.

3) The last point I would like to make is that D'antoni has the respect of Kobe, Nash, Dwight, and everyone else who knows his reputation. Mike Brown was never respected. Lets face it. He had a finals appearance, but D'antoni had a phoenix suns basketball team that was very successful for a long time. Even in New York, when D'antoni had point guards that performed well, they won the game. Look at what Jeremy Lin did? Look at what Duhon did for him in half a season?

I hope these guys come together, and provide what can possibly be the funnest, and most exciting team to watch since the 04 new look lakers...

and glory be to God forever Amen.
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