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    Default Ranking the best NBA point guards, summer of 2011

    Over the next few days, let's rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA.

    Let's rank them in terms of going into the 2011-12 season. So, think towards the future.
    The young guys should improve a little. The old guys will decline slightly.

    I'll toss some obvious names out, in no particular order.

    Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker, Jameer Nelson, Jason Kidd, Mike Conley, Steve Nash, Stephen Curry, Brandon Jennings, John Wall, Darren Collison, Rodney Stuckey, Jose Calderon, Raymond Felton, Chauncey Billups, Devin Harris (I think of him as a SG, but he still does play PG), Kyle Lowry, Andre Miller, DJ Augustin, Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson.

    And then rookie Kyrie Irving, who played just 11 college games.

    And for fun, feel free to include a one-liner on each player that SPECIFICALLY states what makes that point guard special.

    Also, always think both offense and defense. Defense counts just as much!
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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    1. CP3
    2. Williams
    3. Rose
    4. Westbrook
    5. Nash
    6. Rondo
    7. Parker
    8. Curry
    9. Billups
    10. Miller

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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    1. Chris Paul - he's shown what he can do when he's healthy and it was on full display against the Lakers. Excellent shooter, ball-handler, court vision, and defense
    2. Derrick Rose - explosiveness, mid range game, and dynamic scoring ability. MVP
    3. Deron Williams - excellent court vision, great shooter, and deceptively athletic
    4. Rajon Rondo - great defender and passer
    5. Steve Nash - elite shooter and court vision
    6. Russell Westbrook - explosive athlete, great rebounder, can take over a game, but has poor shot selection and average court vision
    7. John Wall - insanely fast and a great passer, can score too...will only get better, wouldn't be surprised if he's as good as Derrick Rose and Westbrook by next year
    8. Tony Parker - may be one of the best finishers at his position, average passer, but great in pick and roll situations and creating mismatches
    9. Stephen Curry - elite shooter, good scorer, and solid passing ability...can play off the ball as well as on it
    10. Jrue Holiday - great defender and size for his position, can defend both the 1 and 2 and is developing into a very good shooter while already possessing good slashing ability

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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    1. C. Paul
    2. D. Rose
    3. D. Williams
    4. R. Rondo
    5. S. Nash
    6. J. Kidd
    7. R. Westbrook
    8. T. Parker
    9. J. Wall
    10. S. Curry

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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    1. Chris Paul
    2. Derrick Rose
    3. Steve Nash
    4. Deron Williams
    5. Russell Westbrook
    6. Rajon Rondo
    7. Tony Parker
    8. John Wall
    9. Jason Kidd
    10. Chauncey Billups

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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    Steve Blake

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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    CP3 - I think he'll regain some of his '08 form. Arguably best passer in the league, can score in the flow of the game. I think he'll be more aggressive like he use to be.

    Deron - Just a step behind CP3. More complete than Rose.

    Rose - Best scorer at the position. Seems to improve every year, still don't think he'll eclipse the top two just yet tho.

    Westbrook - Rose lite basically. Better defense, less scoring. More raw.

    Rondo - I think his playmaking will be up there with Nash\Chris Paul. One of the best defensive guards. Can rebound. His inability to score is what has him drop. Use to be alot higher on Rondo. Wasn't as good defensively this year, maybe why he drops for me going into next year.

    Nash - Best shooter at the position. Arguably the best passer. Probably tand I think he might take a tiny spot backwards.

    John Wall - Think he'll take another step to his game. Average something like 19\9 or something along those lines. Still have some wholes in his game that will keep him lower on the list for now.

    Steph Curry - His passing seems to keep on improving. Best shooter that's not named Steve Nash.

    Tony Parker - Scores in the paint. Still an All-Star|Fringe All-Star.

    Ty Lawson - This is probably a homer pick. Think he'll have a big year tho. People will list Raymond Felton(who imo Ty is better than and showed it) Chauncey Billups(who I love but Ty was better with his half season starting with the Nuggets than Billups was and Ty will only get better while Billups will continue to probably show his age) and Andre Miller who Ty's going to start over if he stays in Denver. Jrue Holiday probably has just as good of a case being put here tho.

    Jrue Holiday, Felton, Billups, Kidd could all probably take the 9th or 10th spot for me. Westbrook|Rondo|Nash aren't really set in stone either, kinda just how they fall with me right now.

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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    1. Chris Paul (Prototype)
    2. Derrick Rose (MVP)
    3. Deron Williams (Does everything well)
    4. Steve Nash (Elite shooter / playmaker)
    5. Rajon Rondo (Defensive force)
    6. Russell Westbrook (Rose minus a brain)
    7. Jason Kidd (still does everything, just a bit slower)
    8. Tony Parker (Penetrator and facilitator)
    9. John Wall (Bright future very balanced)
    10. Stephen Curry (Elite shooter in the making)
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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    wow. I don't see how Kidd is out of the top 10 behind guy like Andre Miller and Jrue Holiday.

    Yea he is old as hell but he is an excellent floor general who is deadly from 3 and can defend SGs and SFs that most PGs could never dream of checking.

    its not always all about the stats people
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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    1. Deron Williams - Definately the best all around point guard in the league. He can destroy defenses in so many ways and then hold his own on the other end. Definately for me the complete package as far as a franchise-run point guard.

    2. Chris Paul - Don't get me wrong, Paul here is one of my most favorite players, he's the complete package aswell, but with crappy bubble wrap. We saw how late in the Lakers series, he became almost completely ineffective when the LA took away the Hornet's PNR team. He faded and didn't even bother to adjust. A healthy Paul probably would've done better yes, but till I see otherwise, right now he's just not the best point guard in the NBA.

    3. Derrick Rose - I placed the MVP, and my top 3 favorite player at 3 simply because I don't believe he's a better point guard when comparing to Deron and Paul. Though I do think he is more dominant, however his defensive short comings, low efficiency, lack of a consistent shooting touch, aswell as an inferior passing skill set when comparing to the two guys above, are the reasons why I put Rose at 3rd place.

    4. Steve Nash - I hate putting this guy so low, but his defense is completely atrocious. And I'm Canadian, aswell as a huge Nash fan. An elite shooter, arguably the best, great passer with unique and out of this world court vision and the unmatched durability - puts the old man at 4th place.

    5. Russel Westbrook - He definitely, definitely, the best all around player on the list given, definitely the best defender.. He can do just about everything, maybe except shooting threes, but there's also another flaw, his point guard skills. He can pass, but not that well. We saw him exposed in the playoffs continuously, whether it be screwing up the pass or play, or simply not passing/running the play at all. He tries to run the show too much, not that great of a shot selection, and his court vision is noticeably blurred. He's a point guard, but at random times, he's not.

    6. Rajan Rondo - Never liked the guy but he's good. Really good defender, unmatched hustle, and play making abilities to the likes of Steve Nash, and doesn't need an offensive system to flourish in, despite what some people try to negatively shove down your throat. Though he does not have a jump shot, nor does he have the free throw touch. Which is a must in a point guard, especially when a jump shot is what holding Rondo from being a poor mans Steve Nash to possibly the best and most unique guard in the league today.

    7. Tony Parker - A scoring point guard who still has the traditional point guard skill set in him. I always believed he could've been more than 20/7 type player, even before his 55 point eruption. I don't know why he didn't live up to such potential maybe a more consistent jumper? No one held him back, atleast that's what it seemed. Though a really talented scorer, especially in the paint, 7th place is fitting for a former finals MVP.

    Jason Kidd - The old man is very underrated. As if he has camouflaged with the hardwood. Still is the same player, just at a much slower pace, minus the scoring - for the greater good. One thing that still stands out about him other than his elite passing ability and sudden shooting touch is his defense. It startles me when I don't see people pointing out that somehow this grandpa is holding his ground against players like Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. Especially in Finals, I saw him on several possessions make Wade struggle. This guy is still a top 10 point guard for me. And should be for everyone.

    9. Chauncey Billups - A healthy Billups can turn a team around, we've all seen it happen, and I do believe it would be the same for knicks. If he didn't make a pullup transition three his #1 move in the arsenal, he could've been higher. But his defense, leadership and clutchness keeps him in my top

    10. John Wall - A bright, bright future. Honestly, the guy is experience and a jump shot away from being in the status of the likes of Rose. It's almost undeniable. Though I hate putting him here just out of potential, as you could've put someone like Curry here aswell. I just believe that Wall will infact have a better and more successful career.

    Dead Last. Jose Calderon - Seriously sickens me how much this guy sucks.
    How the f*ck does that happen?
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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA


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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    I'm a big Kidd supporter, but I dont think he's a top 10 PG. Especially if we are supposed to be looking towards the future, as the OP wished for.

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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    1. C. Paul
    2. D. Rose
    3. D. Williams
    4. R. Rondo
    5. S. Nash
    6. J. Kidd
    7. R. Westbrook
    8. T. Parker
    9. S. Curry
    10. Ty Lawson

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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    Chris Paul - perfect mix between scoring and passing, low turnovers, creates extremely well for teammates, and is an amazing defender.
    Derrick Rose - takes over games like no other on this list, but needs to improve his passing.
    Deron Williams - uses his smarts, isn't the BEST passer, but makes the right play.
    Steve Nash - led the league in assist by passing to a bunch of SF's, and is the GOAT shooter.
    John Wall - I think he'll be here by seasons end. He's like rookie Derrick Rose, with better passing and defense, but worse scoring.
    Stephen Curry - has potential to be one of the GOAT shooters basketball has ever seen, solid passing, great scorer, who I believe will take that "3rd year leap"
    Rajon Rondo - one of the most craftiest passers in the L, entertaining to watch, still no jumper, and needs to play more aggressively on a consistent basis.
    Westbrook - Will definitely take another step this year towards becoming a pass first PG, extremely explosive, decent outside jumper.
    Tony Parker - getting older, but still one of the craftier scorers in the L, was actaully Spurs MVP, not Manu.
    Andre Miller - another guy who's getting older, but he's crafty, great in the post, and flat out knows how to run a team.

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    Default Re: Rank the top 10 point guards in the NBA

    Any list with Rondo above Nash has no credibility.

    Doesn't matter if Rondo is better all around. Doesn't matter if Rondo is better defensively to a greater extent than Nash is better offensively.

    The main thing you want from your PG is running the offense which Nash does a far better job of.

    Rondo isn't anywhere near Paul, Nash, Rose, Williams or even Westbrook.

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