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    Default 2014 Draft - Point Guard Rankings

    Sure the top 3 overall players are a sf, a C, and a sf/sg

    And it seems to be an unarguable stance to take that any pg is in the tier of

    Dante Exum 6-6 Australia

    Marcus Smart 6-3 Oklahoma St


    Now how big is the drop to the next group Really? Is Exum physically strong enough/ready to finish at the rim in the NBA? Is there even a chance that smart isn't a pg or a sg right now?

    Zach LaVine 6-5 ucla

    Say what you want about thinking he is a sg - his highest ceiling is as a PG and every single team viewing him will be as a pg prospect first before moving on to sg if they don't think he can play point


    I have huge doubts about all 3 but super high ceilings as well. The guy who I think has to be #4 is another I new nothing about until recently but for some reason seems the safest of all but still w a high ceiling.

    Elfrid Payton 6-4 U Lousiana Lafayette are you freakin kidding


    You got the 2 little guys from the big east. But the next guy to me is

    Nick Johnson 6-3 Arizona

    I don't understand the question of whether he is a 2 or 1 in the nba. He will be more than fine in the NBA. I hope he does go as late as currently predicted though and that it's at a spot Ny can buy into

    There's my 5. It's a lot closer than most think. You could probably shake them up and come out in any order. I think it one of the most interesting classes ever. there could literally be 3-4 all star caliber guys in the top 5, maybe even a league changing class. Or there could be 3-4 busts in that same group of guys.

    Who is your top 5 or 10?

    For now I'm going

    6-Dinwiddie * injury
    8-m brown

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    Default Re: 2014 Draft - Point Guard Rankings

    I seem to like Ennis a lot more than most. He's may not have the elite size of some of these guys, but he's got legit PG size at 6-2, and makes up some with a 6-6 wingspan. Plus I think he's a better finisher than he's being given credit for because he's crafty and can finish with either hand from a variety of angles, and uses the floaters and pull ups really well at his age. Throw in the fact that he's among the top third of these guys as a shooter. Plus he's a natural ball mover, not necessarily a play maker, like Nappier, but the ball doesn't stick to him really at all. The most carefull with the ball.

    I think the upside may not be as huge because of the dip in athleticism, but the floor is really high. The shooting and caution with the ball along with being able to figure out ways to finish, and the length to help as a defender, to me makes him a player. In my mock I compared him a little to Derrick Fisher, which I think holds, but while I think it's a long shot, I don't think a cieling of something more similar to what Tony Parker does is impossible. That's a guy with a similar physical profile who's going to the HoF based on an incredible knack for finishing. I don't think it's likely at all, but with the tools he has it would be the optimal outcome.

    The guy I worry about it Payton, who's a real blur end to end, but he can't shoot at all, and if the size bothers him at the rim, the bottom could fall out on him really fast.

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    Default Re: 2014 Draft - Point Guard Rankings

    Jordan Clarkson is also viewed as a point guard by some teams or like a combo guard like most dudes on the list

    if we put him on the mix where do you see him ?

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    Default Re: 2014 Draft - Point Guard Rankings

    Nick Johnson Love that kid. I am a huge UofA fan, so watching gordon and johnson play together this year was awesome. People seem to overlook him because he is older, but def a solid pg

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    Default Re: 2014 Draft - Point Guard Rankings

    Ennis should be third.

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