Chris isn't having the year he had last year, but some of this is based on team chemistry.
I am not creating an excuse for him ,cause he is still considered the 2nd option on the team , but how the flow of the ball works for the new Bucks , takes the ball out of his hands.
I would like to see time out plays designed for him , because he is a lethal shooter.
His start of the season he was in a small slump , but he found his way out.

My point is point of position per person has been distributed among 4 other NOW shooters while Giannis is getting his as usual.
The concept has made the Bucks best record in the league , but Chris has suffered for it.

When he was in Detroit , he was a little known commodity, but when I first watched him, I knew he had a beautiful shoot.
Trust me , the coaching staff has brought out where he is today , with his hard work , but to keep him , he has to work with Milwaukee to keep this 1 -2 punch.
He should get at least 18 mill + for a year, because he is an important part.