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Thread: High IQ fam get in here

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    Default Re: High IQ fam get in here

    I love Curry and the 2014 Spurs but not Kobe unfortunately

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    Default Re: High IQ fam get in here

    How similar are Curry and Kobe? Makes sense you are fans of both beta boys.

    Both of them started their careers with 3 beta rings, unable to outperform in the Finals.

    Kobe took six trips to the finals to get his first MVP (1/6). Curry is currently on four trips (0/4) without a single MVP.

    They both choked the big time game 7 Finals with 6/24 shooting (Kobe) and 6/19 shooting (Curry).

    Kobe has 1 regular-season MVP
    Curry has 2.

    Kobe has two scoring titles
    Curry has 1

    Both made a daughter for 1st kid

    Also: They both blew a 3-1 lead.

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