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    Default R.I.P. legendary Arizona coach Lute Olson

    Legendary former Arizona coach Lute Olson passed away a few days ago.

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    Default Re: R.I.P. legendary Arizona coach Lute Olson

    Damn I'm not even a college hoops fan(unless ASU or U of A make it to March Madness) but I do happen to have a University Of Arizona shirt on right now that I got for cheap. So I can't speak from personal experience watching his teams, but from everything I've heard the dude was an amazing coach. RIP to another old head basketball legend, as well as an AZ Sports legend.

    How accessible is college hoops? Is it worth getting into? My fear is that it would be difficult to keep up with the crazy amount of players coming and going constantly. I like how NBA has so many players that you watch and learn to recognize over the course of many years. Also do you need a special channel to catch most of the games?

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