Mark Cuban, Kenyon Martin feud

Yeah, so as you know, during the NBA playoffs an angry Mark Cuban, who was engaging with some fans, let Kenyon Martin’s mom know that her son was a thug.

Obviously Martin wasn’t too pleased about it. And since then, Cuban apoligized, on his blog,

Cuban had also reportedly attempted to say sorry to Martin in person, though for whatever reason it didn’t happen.

Anyway, the latest reports are that Martin doesn’t really accept the apology.

And, really, that’s about it. So Martin isn’t a Cuban fan. And probably never will be. But maybe someday the two will meet and chat for a second. And then maybe the two will like each other more. It’s really not a particularly fascinating story. The world will still revolve around the sun, even if these two never fully resolve their differences.

If additional stuff develops in the near future, I’ll address it here in this blog, or quote it on the NBA rumors page.

I see little reason to care a lot about the latest developments of this story. It makes sense to care that an owner is saying some things he shouldn’t say. That’s worth discussing. But that the player who was being talked about, and the owner, don’t like each other, shouldn’t really be such a surprise. Cuban, on his blog, at least, took the high road and said he was sorry. Martin is apparently still pissed off. And there doesn’t appear to be more to it than that.

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