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| July 2, 2006 is the most professional, respected basketball website on the internet. We are the most popular online pro basketball destination in North America, after the NBA's official website. Basketball ads on are read by everyone that matters in the game. is a successful, experienced, well-established, proven company. Way back in their December 25, 2000 issue, Sports Illustrated called "a haven for pro basketball junkies." Forbes named us "Best of the Web" (Winter, 2002). Yahoo Internet Life (March, 2002) praised the InsideHoops daily rumors page. Various other magazines featured us over the next few years. More recently, Newsweek magazine called our analysis "clever" in recommending us for college hoops coverage in March of 2005. Also last year, New York Times Sunday magazine name-dropped our editor. USA Today's weekend edition magazine has also quoted

If you're advertising basketball products, services or events, or anything (even unrelated to sports) that targets a mostly male (ages 16-35) readership, you need to be seen on

For several years now is the #1 ranked website on for "basketball news" out of several hundred million results. We are close to #1 for "nba basketball" and "nba news." We're #1 for "high school basketball," close to #1 for "wnba basketball" and "streetball." We're #1 for "hoops." These are our true rankings, not "sponsored results" that are paid for. See for yourself. is a trusted source of the print media. Our analysis or information has been quoted in the New York Times, New York Post, New York Newsday, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Indianapolis Star, Philadelphia Daily News, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Kansas City Star, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Detroit News, Arizona Republic, Jerusalem Post and dozens of other major papers.

By advertising on, you're reaching basketball fans as well as a huge portion of the basketball media world. You'll also be reaching lots of NBA players, famous college and streetball players, and employees of teams, plus agents and countless others in the sports and entertainment worlds.

We are recognized by every professional basketball league as a media source. We're press row at NBA games, and we constantly do face-to-face interviews with LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Steve Nash, Tim Duncan, Shawn Marion, Dwyane Wade and the world's most famous basketball stars.'s editor Jeff Lenchiner was called "a virtual one-man basketball team" by Sports Illustrated (12/25/00). He will personally handle your advertising campaign. Lenchiner well-known in the sports world and is regularly interviewed on radio stations. He's been heard on ESPN radio, Team Radio in Canada, ABC radio across most of the United States, WFAN radio in NYC, BBC radio heard worldwide, and tons of other stations. Lenchiner was also one of the main experts interviewed on VH1's television special "Fabulous Life of Hoop Superstars." He has six extremely successful years of internet advertising experience is an expert in the field. Lenchiner will make your campaign work.

Basketball advertising is a sure success on this website. We have tens of thousands of daily readers per day. ESPN (books and programming departments), CBS Sportsline and Nike are just a few of the many companies that have had ads on All three are repeat advertisers. has also been used as a source by (over 50 times, in fact), the Associated Press, SportsTicker, ESPN Insider,, TNT television, NBA TV and elsewhere.

There are thousands of sports websites on the internet. In basketball, is at the absolute top of a very short list.

We're open to advertising just about anything. Obviously the top interest of our readership is basketball, but they're also extremely interested in other sports, technology and electronics, video games, television, music, all forms of entertainment, cars, bikes, life services, and just about anything that the average 16-35 year old guy tends to like. We also do have thousands of female basketball fans reading our site regularly.

Email and you'll get a great return on your investment and extremely fair prices.

Advertise on Inside Hoops. We look forward to promoting you.

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