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NBA Interviews

NBA interviews by Inside Hoops. Almost all exclusive to us. We do regular face-to-face NBA player interviews with players from across the league, all 30 teams.

NOTE: We just became aware that big chunks of interviews weren't archived on this page they way they were meant to. It was an oversight. The site is updated daily, but this section was neglected. Going forward, they'll all appear here.


Tacko Fall interview quotes about making his NBA debut tonight in Madison Square Garden
/ October 26, 2019

Feb. 15: Deandre Ayton Interview

Feb. 1: Trey Burke interview

Jan. 29: Jarrett Allen interview


Feb. 18: Gordon Hayward interview

Feb. 18: Draymond Green interview

Feb. 17: Kyle Lowry interview

Feb. 17: Stephen Curry interview

Feb. 17: Isaiah Thomas interview

Matthew Dellavedova interview between NBA Finals Games 3 and 4

May 23, 2014: Chris Bosh interview between Heat-Pacers games 2/3

May 23, 2013: Roy Hibbert interview in preparation for Heat-Pacers Game 3

We are updating this page once again. Thus the gap.

Feb. 16, 2014: John Wall interview, about DeMarcus Cousins

Feb. 15, 2014: Tim Hardaway Jr interview after scoring 36 in Rising Stars Challenge

Feb. 15, 2014: Kelly Olynyk interview at All-Star weekend



Jan. 8, 2010: Jeff Foster interview about being a long-time Pacer.

Oct. 26, 2009: Nate Robinson interview on his summer and liking soccer.

Oct. 7, 2009: Tony Douglas interview on the kind of NBA player he'll hopefully be.

Oct. 7, 2009: Joe Alexander mini-interview on some struggles.

Sept. 18, 2009: Hasheem Thabeet mini-interview on being drafted.

Sept. 18, 2009: Jeff teague interview on his style and highlights.

Sept. 15, 2009: Brandon Jennings interview on playing overseas, Twitter and more.

Sept. 14, 2009: Earl Clark interview on aiming to be an NBA All-Star.

June 3, 2009: on being set to win it all.

May 24, 2009:
Kevin Love interview on his summer, and playing with Al Jefferson.


Feb. 26, 2009: Joakim Noah interview

Feb. 25, 2009: Interview with Celtics toughman Leon Powe

Feb. 15, 2009: Daequan Cook interview after winning the 3-point shootout
Nate Robinson interview after winning the dunk contest
David West interview
Dwyane Wade interview

Feb. 11, 2009: Quentin Richardson interview

Feb. 8, 2009: David Lee mini-interview

Feb. 6, 2009: Ben Wallace interview

Jan. 21, 2009: Joel Przybilla interview

Nov. 18, 2008: LeBron James interview

Nov. 17, 2008: Richard Jefferson Bucks interview

Nov. 14, 2008: Dwyane Wade interview: "There are different kinds of leaders"

Nov. 10, 2008: Andrew Bogut interview

Nov. 6, 2008: Adam Morrison interview

Oct. 21, 2008: Mario Chalmers interview

Oct. 20, 2008: Darius Miles mini-interview; says he's a role player now

Oct. 16, 2008: Devin Harris interview on UK streetball incident

Aug. 23, 2008: Chauncey Billups interview about his younger days

Aug. 20, 2008: Jason Kidd interview after beating Australia

Aug. 18, 2008: Dwight Howard interview: First 3 games were subpar

Aug. 16, 2008: Dwyane Wade interview after beating Greece
LeBron James interview after beating Greece
Carlos Boozer interview after beating Greece

Aug. 13, 2008: Deron Williams interview after USA-Angola game

Aug. 10, 2008: Chris Paul interview after beating China

Aug. 5, 2008: Kobe Bryant interview on edging Australia

Aug. 3, 2008: LeBron James interview after USA beat Russia

Aug. 2, 2008: Interview with coach Mike Krzyzewski after beating Lithuania

June 8, 2008: Phil Jackson interview after Finals Game 2

June 7, 2008: Kevin Garnett interview
Pau Gasol interview

June 4, 2008: Bird and Magic teleconference

June 3, 2008: Michael Beasley interview: His height is revealed

May 23, 2008: Rip Hamilton interview after Pistons-Celtics Game 2

April 24, 2008: Darrell Armstrong interview: On his future, and the Nets

April 22, 2008: Brendan Haywood interview

April 16, 2008: Richard Jefferson interview

Oct. 27, 2007: Sean Williams Mini-Interview

Oct. 24, 2007: Jamaal Magloire Interview

Sept. 27, 2007: Andrea Bargnani Interview

Aug. 13, 2007: Marcus Williams Interview

Aug. 3, 2007: Maceo Baston interview: On his great success in Israel

July 26, 2007: Stan Van Gundy interview

June 29, 2007: Interview with Sixers president Billy King about draft results

June 26, 2007: Pre-Draft Interviews with Oden, Durant, Brewer, Hawes, More

June 24, 2007: Chris Wallace interview on various draft stuff

June 22, 2007: DJ Strawberry interview

June 16, 2007: Rod Strickland interview: On learning to coach in college

June 15, 2007:

Tony Parker interview: He's the Finals MVP
Robert Horry interview: Not new to this
Mike Finley interview: His first NBA title
LeBron James interview: Swept from the Finals

June 13, 2007:

Brent Barry interview after Game 3: Bruce Bowen was huge
Donyell Marshall interview after Game 3: Of course we're frustrated
Dan Gibson interview after Game 3: We played a nice game defensively

June 8, 2007:

Tim Duncan interview after Game 1: "we did a decent job"
LeBron James interview after Game 1: "have to make adjustments"

May 31, 2007: Larry Bird interview on Draft, Pacers, more

March 23, 2007: Allen Iverson interview

March 20, 2007: Quick Steve Blake interview

Feb. 21, 2007: Jason Kidd interview

Feb. 20, 2007: Pops Mensah-Bonsu interview

Feb. 18, 2007: NBA All-Star interviews

Feb. 16, 2007: Friday All-Star weekend interviews: 14 all-stars


Rodney Carney Interview
[Player Interviews] The Sixers rookie on adapting to the league. [Oct 30]

Renaldo Balkman Interview
[Player Interviews] The Knicks rookie on bringing energy. [Oct 26]

Quentin Richardson Interview
[Player Interviews] Quick talk about upcoming Knicks season. [Oct 17]

Gilbert Arenas Interview
[Player Interviews] The Wizards star talks about team chemistry, being a leader, Team USA stuff and much more. [Oct 5]


Smush Parker Mini-Interview
[Player Interviews] A quick light chat about summer. [Oct 5]

Gerald Green Mini-Interview
[Player Interviews] had a super-quick talk with the Celtics super-athlete on summer workouts and picking dunkers for a contest. [Oct 4]

Eddie Jordan speaks on Wizards
[Basketball Coaches] Washington's coach speaks on Caron Butler, Jarvis Hayes' return, Andray Blatche's development, more. [Sept 27]

Brandon Roy Interview
[Player Interviews] InsideHoops had a quick talk with the Blazers rookie on being drafted and preparing for the season. [Sept 21]

Ben Gordon Mini-Interview
[Basketball Interviews] Thirty seconds with Chicago's BG on getting Ben Wallace and more. [Sept 7]

LeBron James Interview
[Player Interviews] King James after USA beat Korea. [Aug 16]

LeBron James Interview
[Team USA] On Team USA's close win over Brazil. [Aug 9]

Mike Krzyzewski Interview
[Team USA] Coach K discusses USA basketball and the squad after beating China on Monday in an exhibition game. [Aug 8]

DeShawn Stevenson Interview
[Wizards News] Info on new Wizards shooting guard, plus interview quotes after the signing. [Aug 7]

Gilbert Arenas Interview
[NBA Interviews] The Wizards star talks about trying out for Team USA, talking to Coach K, his role, meeting Jerry Colangelo, more. [July 11]

NBA Draft Interviews
[NBA Draft] Here's what Andrea Bargnani, Rodney Carney, Adam Morrison, Tyrus Thomas, Shelden Williams, Brandon Roy, Randy Foye, Patrick O'Bryant, Saer Sene, JJ Redick, Hilton Armstrong, Ronnie Brewer and Cedric Simmons said after being drafted. [June 29]

Shaquille O'Neal Interview
[NBA Interviews] Shaq after Game 5 on incident near his house, sitting out due to FT problems, how many years he has left, and more. [June 20]

Robert Johnson Interview
[NBA Interviews] Bobcats majority owner Robert Johnson talks about selling part of the team to Michael Jordan, what Jordan's involvement will be, and much more. [June 16]


Gary Payton Interview
[NBA Playoffs] GP on wanting a title, how Game 3 went, and his huge clutch shot that may have saved Miami's finals life. [June 14]

Jerry Stackhouse Interview
[NBA Playoffs] Dallas swingman on being a sixth man and scoring-machine, and how the finals are going [June 13]

Josh Howard Interview
[NBA Playoffs] Dallas swingman on being drafted so late, guarding Antoine Walker, and the finals series. [June 11]

Jason Williams Interview
[NBA Playoffs] Heat point guard on the series, starting career with Kings, and problems with Grizzlies. [June 11]

Jason Terry Interview
[NBA Playoffs] On his great Game 1, studying film, struggles many players had on Thursday, and the series in general. [June 10]

Dirk Nowitzki Interview
[Playoff Interviews] Dirk talks about winning Game 6, reaching the finals, turning the Mavs around, and facing Shaq and the Heat. [June 5]

Raja Bell Interview
[Hoops Interviews] Bell after Game 4 on coming back from injury, the state of the Suns, jabbing at TNT analysts and more. [May 31]

Rasheed Wallace Interview
[Hoops Interviews] Rasheed on not liking Hack-a-Shaq, not getting his shots, giving up Miami buckets, and more. [May 28]

Shawn Marion Interview
[Hoops Interviews] The Matrix on Suns-Mavs, Barbosa struggles, Boris Diaw's emergence, rebounding and more. [May 28]

Elton Brand Interview
[Basketball Interviews] Elton Brand talks about the series after the Clippers were eliminated by the Suns Monday night. [May 23]

Michael Finley Interview
[NBA Interviews] Finley after Game 6 on Mavs fans booing and insulting him, being a Spurs leader and more. [May 20]

Ryan Gomes Interview
[Player Interviews] talks with the Celtics rookie about his favorite college moments, making it as an NBA player, and more. [Apr 16]

LeBron James Interview
[NBA Basketball Interviews] Full-length interview with King James about Cavs success, making the playoffs, maturing, and more. [Apr 6]

Samuel Dalembert Interview
[Player Interviews] See what the Sixers center said before Friday's game about starting vs. coming off the bench, helping the team, and more. [Mar 31]

Mike Miller Interview
[Player Interviews] The Grizzlies swingman talks to about team success, Gasol's emergence, and his pick for league MVP. [Mar 27]

Mick Foley Interview
[Entertainment] met with wrestling legend Mick Foley (aka Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love) for a quick interview. [Mar 21]

Nate McMillan Interview
[Coach Interviews] The Trail Blazers coach talks to about motivating players, the team's goal, and more. [Mar 17]

Ron Artest Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] Quick words from Artest about adjusting to the Kings, and info about his next album. [Mar 12]

Scott Skiles Interview
[NBA Interviews] Check out what the Bulls coach said when asked about missing Eddy Curry. [Mar 4]

Jermaine O'Neal Interview
[NBA Interviews] Pacers star talks to about Peja Stojakovic, team changes, playoff goals and more. [Feb 27]

Mike James Interview
[Player Interviews] Toronto Raptors guard talks to about hard work, evolving his game and more. [Feb 16]

Gregg Popovich Interview
[Coach Interviews] Spurs coach Popovich on the growth of Tony Parker, facing teams who always want to knock them off, and more. [Feb 10]

David West Interview
[Player Interviews] The Hornets are having a terrific season. West is a big reason why. Read. [Feb 7]

Pat Riley Interview
[NBA Coaches] Miami Heat coach Riley on needing team consistency, Shaq's conditioning and more. [Feb 4]

Kobe Bryant Interview
[Basketball Interviews] Here's everything Kobe said in New York after the Lakers destroyed the Knicks a few nights ago. [Feb 3]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Interview
[NBA Interviews] Kareem on Kobe's 81-point game, feelings about Madison Square Garden, the lack of NBA skyhooks and more. [Feb 1]

Lamar Odom Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] Odom to InsideHoops on Kobe and the triangle. [Feb 1]

Bonzi Wells Interview
[NBA Interviews] Bonzi Wells talks to about losing Peja, getting Artest, and old conflicts with the Portland media. [Jan 27]

Brian Skinner Interview
[NBA Interviews] Kings big man discusses Artest-Peja trade. [Jan 26]

Antawn Jamison Interview
[NBA Interviews] On Wizards team struggles. [Jan 12]

David Lee Interview
[NBA Interviews] On his biggest NBA game so far. [Jan 7]

Stephen Jackson Interview
[Basketball Interviews] Pacers player on new Ron Artest-less team. [Dec 18]

Dwight Howard Interview
[Basketball Interviews] Orlando Magic star discusses the season. [Dec 15]

Qyntel Woods Interview
[NBA Interviews] Knicks basketball player on new chance. [Dec 13]

Jamaal Magloire Interview
[NBA Interviews] Bucks basketball player discusses the team. [Dec 13]

Luol Deng Interview
[NBA Interviews] The Bulls forward talks about the season. [Dec 1]

David Lee Mini-Interview
[Player Interviews] Thirty seconds with the Knicks rookie. [Nov 28]

Allen Iverson Interview
[NBA Interviews] Saturday, Iverson said Larry Brown's New York situation is none of his business, no player gives him trouble, and more. [Nov 27]

Luther Head Interview
[NBA Interviews] The Rockets rookie, on being in the league. [Nov 23]

Eddy Curry Interview
[Basketball Interviews] Curry talks to about adjusting to the Knicks and life in New York. [Nov 11]

Quentin Richardson Mini-Interview
[Basketball Interviews] Q-Rich on adjusting to the Knicks. [Nov 11]

Deron Williams Interview
[Basketball Interviews] Jazz rookie on playing in NBA. [Nov 10]

Jamaal Magloire Interview
[Player Interviews] met with the Bucks center to discuss being traded and adapting to his new team. [Nov 6]

Michael Redd Mini-Interview
[Player Interviews] Redd says the Bucks want a championship. [Nov 6]

TJ Ford Interview
[Player Interviews] TJ Ford wants to be like Ron Artest - a star on both the offensive and defensive floor. See everything he said. [Nov 3]


Gerald Green Interview
[Interviews] talks with the rookie about being a Celtic, developing his skills and more. [Oct 26]

Marc Jackson Interview
[Interviews] talks with the big guy about his new team, the New Jersey Nets. [Oct 24]

Stephen Jackson Interview
[Interviews] Pacers guard/forward talks with about Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal, and the Pacers quest for a championship. [Oct 22]

Phil Jackson Interview
[Interviews] Lakers coach on using Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant's development, the triangle offense and more. [Oct 21]

Lawrence Frank Interview
[Interviews] Nets coach on having Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter healthy, getting Marc Jackson and more. [Oct 20]

Louis Williams Interview
[Interviews] 76ers rookie Louis Williams talks to about making the league and staying out of the development league. [Oct 20]

Larry Brown Interview
[Interviews] Knicks coach on how training camp went, Eddy Curry's conditioning, league scoring rising or falling and more. [Oct 19]

Mike Fratello Interview
[Interviews] Grizzlies coach on his rookies, Pau Gasol's star potential, working new guards into the mix and more. [Oct 19]

Brian Hill Interview
[Interviews] Magic coach on how to use Steve Francis, Grant Hill, Dwight Howard's development and more. [Oct 19]

Doc Rivers Interview
[Interviews] Celtics coach on Gerald Green, development of Al Jefferson, point guard battle and more. [Oct 18]

Stan Van Gundy Interview
[Interviews] Heat coach on Shaq's shape, getting stars to become role/complimentary players, and more. [Oct 18]

Ben Handlogten Interview
[Basketball Interviews] was able to secure valuable interview time with the great Ben Handlogten. [Oct 16]

Ron Artest Interview
[NBA Interviews] Here's what Artest had to say 90 minutes before his first game since his suspension last season. [Oct 12]


Esteban Batista Interview
[NBA Interviews] A talk with new Atlanta Hawks big man. [Sept 19]

J.R. Smith Interview
[NBA Interviews] JR Smith wants Hornets in playoffs and comments on Suns, Heat. [Aug 26]

Alonzo Mourning Interview
[Heat News] Alonzo Mourning press conference on staying with the Miami Heat. [Aug 19]

Taj Gibson Interview
[High School] talks with a California forward who put crazy stats last season. [Aug 16]

Abdul Mills Interview
[Basketball Players] Exclusive interview with a baller who needs a job. Mills is a combo guard from providence. [Aug 11]

Ricky Torres Interview
[College Basketball] NYC guard Ricky Torres talks about joining the St. John's Red Storm. [July 23]

Greg Oden Interview
[High School] A talk with the best high school big man in the country, from the Reebok ABCD camp. [July 8]


NBA Draft Interviews
[NBA Draft] See quotes from 17 different players. [June 29]

NBA Draft Media Day Interviews
[2005 NBA Draft] Interviews with Andrew Bogut, Chris Paul, Marvin Williams, Sean May, Hakim Warrick, Deron Williams, Gerald Green, and nine other players expected to be taken first round in the NBA Draft Tuesday night. [June 27]

Rasheed Wallace Interview
[NBA Finals] On bad Game 5, good Game 6. [June 22]

Interview with rapper Juvenile
[Entertainment] presents a full-length, exclusive interview with rapper Juvenile. [June 21]

Richard Hamilton Interview
[Basketball Playoffs] About how the finals are going. [June 19]

Ben Wallace Interview
[Basketball Playoffs] The day after Game 4, Big Ben talked his hair, containing the Spurs, and more. [June 18]

Tim Duncan Interview
[Basketball Playoffs] Duncan is struggling. [June 17]

Lindsey Hunter Interview
[Basketball Playoffs] Hunter is stepping up. [June 17]

Finals: Manu Ginobili Game 3 Interview
[NBA Interviews] Manu Ginobili had a rough time in NBA Finals Game 3. Here's what he said after it was over. [June 15]

Finals: Antonio McDyess Game 3 Interview
[NBA Interviews] Antonio McDyess stepped up big last night. Here's what he said after the game. [June 15]

Chris Paul Interview
[Player Interviews] Wake Forest's Chris Paul talks about the upcoming NBA Draft. [June 13]

Marvin Williams Interview
[Player Interviews] North Carolina's Marvin Williams talks about the upcoming NBA Draft. [June 13]

Manu Ginobili Interview
[Basketball Interviews] From right after Game 1. [June 10]

Chauncey Billups Interview
[Basketball Interviews] From right after Game 1. [June 10]

Wade, Shaq Interviews
[Basketball Interviews] Here are extended comments from Dwyane Wade and brief comments from Shaquille O'Neal after Miami's Game 7 elimination by Detroit. [June 7]

Larry Brown Interview
[Basketball Interviews] Here's Pistons coach Brown talking about tonight's Game 7. [June 6]

Steve Nash Interview
[NBA Playoff Interviews] The Suns are down 0-3 to the Spurs. Here's what Steve Nash had to say shortly after Game 3 was played. [May 29]

Shawn Marion Interview
[NBA Playoff Interviews] After Game 2's Suns loss. [May 26]

Mike D'Antoni Interview
[NBA Playoff Interviews] After Game 2's Suns loss. [May 26]

Shaquille O'Neal Interview
[NBA Playoff Interviews] On Game 1 and the series. [May 25]

Steve Nash MVP Interview
[NBA Interviews] Here's what the Phoenix Suns and Steve Nash had to say in the MVP award press conference. [May 8]

Vince Carter Interview
[NBA Interviews] Vince Carter reveals exclusively to what he may do after his NBA playing career is over. [May 6]

Jamaal Tinsley Interview
[Indiana Pacers] and Tinsley spoke back on April 5 about his health and Reggie Miller. That's two weeks ago - but it's still worth reading. [Apr 18]

Vince Carter Interview
[NBA Interviews] Vince Carter on beating the Knicks, leading the Nets with Jason Kidd, and fighting to make the playoffs. [Apr 8]

David Harrison Interview
[Pacers] talked to the Pacers rookie about being on MTV's Real World reality TV show. [Apr 7]

Stephen Jackson Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] On what makes Reggie Miller special. [Apr 6]

Shaun Livingston Interview
[NBA Interviews] On dealing with injuries, learning to be a point guard, and more. [Apr 1]

Kevin Garnett Interview
[NBA Interviews] Garnett speaks on Sam Cassell, the Wolves bouncing back, Flip Saunders and more. [Mar 30]

Mario Kasun Interview
[Orlando] Meet Orlando's 7-1 Croatian center. [Mar 6]

Stephon Marbury Mini-Interview
[New York] Starbury on the Knicks trades. [Feb 28]

Isiah Thomas Interview
[New York] Isiah explains NY's trades. [Feb 25]

Willie Green Interview
[Philadelphia] On the Webber trade. [Feb 25]

Sunday Night All-Star Interviews
[All-Star Weekend] Dwyane Wade, Allen Iverson, Jermaine O'Neal, Ray Allen, Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant. [Feb 21]

Saturday Night All-Star Interviews
[All-Star Weekend] Saturday night interviews with Quentin Richardson, Josh Smith, Steve Nash, Shawn Marion and the rest of the winners of their respective competitions. [Feb 20]

Saturday Day All-Star Interviews
[All-Star Weekend] Saturday interviews with Luol Deng, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, Vince Carter, Grant Hill, Antawn Jamison, Ben Wallace. [Feb 19]

Friday Night All-Star Interviews
[All-Star Weekend] Friday interviews with Paul Pierce, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki, Amare Stoudemire and Kevin Garnett. [Feb 18]

Damon Jones Interview
[Miami] Heat guard Damon Jones talks about being a part of team success. [Feb 10]

Jim Jackson Mini-Interview
[Phoenix] A quick talk with a happy Jim Jackson. [Jan 28]

Rod Strickland Interview
[NBA Interviews] The recently-signed Houston Rockets point guard spoke about latching onto a team that needs him. [Jan 25]

Chris Duhon Interview
[NBA Interviews] The Bulls rookie guard on making the league and Chicago's success after a slow start. [Jan 24]

Sebastian Telfair Interview
[Portland] On being a rookie, adjusting, etc. [Jan 20]

Michael Curry Interview
[NBA Interviews] The president of the NBA players union discusses negotiations and the potential lockout. [Jan 10]

Jamaal Tinsley Interview
[Indiana] Tinsley talks with about growing up in Brooklyn, bouncing to a handful of high schools, and his college days. [Jan 7]

Chris Webber Interview
[NBA Interviews] C-Webb talks to about the Kings season, Shaq being traded, and more. [Jan 5]

Fred Jones Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] Fred Jones names the players he'd invite if he was running a slam dunk contest. [Jan 3]

Flip Saunders Interview
[NBA Interviews] The Wolves coach on changes in the West, what might have been with Marbury-Garnett, more. [Dec 30]

Troy Hudson Interview
[NBA Interviews] Hudson clears the air on his desires regarding the Timberwolves, exclusively on [Dec 30]

Vince Carter Interview
[NBA Interviews] Vince Carter talking about joining the Nets, not being in purple anymore, and much more. [Dec 29]

Eric Snow Interview
[NBA Interviews] talked to Eric Snow about the Vince Carter deal, LeBron James' greatness and more. [Dec 27]

LeBron James Interview
[NBA Interviews] Talking to LeBron about how he improved his jumper, being a leader, and more. [Dec 24]

Josh Davis Interview
[NBA Interviews] talks with the Philly forward about CBA players going nutty, playing overseas, and sticking in the NBA. [Dec 13]

Dwight Howard Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] A quick talk about how Howard prepared for the season, playing a running game and more. [Dec 12]

Ryan Gomes Mini-Interview
[NCAA] A quick talk with the Providence star. [Dec 10]

Isiah Thomas Interview
[New York] A quick talk with Thomas about Knicks fans, running the team, and what he looks for in a player. [Dec 6]

Cuttino Mobley Interview
[Orlando] met with Cat Mobley to talk about the current Magic, and also about what went wrong in Houston under Jeff Van Gundy. [Dec 4]

Amare Stoudemire Interview
[Phoenix] On the Suns getting Steve Nash and on Amare becoming a great player. [Nov 27]

David Stern Interview
[Interview] See what David Stern said at the NBA press conference concerning the Artest, Pistons and Pacers suspensions. [Nov 23]

Drew Gooden Mini-Interview
[Cleveland] A quick talk with the Cavs forward. [Nov 22]

LeBron James Interview
[Cleveland] LeBron reacts to suspension news, and talks Cavs. [Nov 22]

Shawn Marion Mini-Interview
[Phoenix] A quick talk with the Suns small forward. [Nov 18]

Danny Fortson Mini-Interview
[Seattle] met with the Sonics big man to talk about getting mad (or not), challenging Ray Allen to shooting contests (or not) and more. [Nov 18]

Maurice Taylor Interview
[Houston] met with Rockets forward Mo Taylor for an exclusive interview. And, a friend chimes in to help Taylor out. Sort of. Read this. [Nov 16]

Quinton Ross Interview
[L.A. Clippers] speaks with Ross about his favorite basketball moment and clawing his way into the league. [Nov 15]

Shaun Livingston Mini-Interview
[L.A. Clippers] A quick talk with the tall point guard. [Nov 15]

Andre Iguodala Interview
[Philadelphia] met with the athletic Sixers rookie to talk about Arizona, getting drafted and adapting to the league. [Nov 10]

Quentin Richardson Mini-Interview
[Phoenix] met with Q to talk about who should be in the dunk contest, music, the Suns and more. [Nov 9]

Eddie Jones Mini-Interview
[Miami] A quick interview with Miami Heat guard Eddie Jones about Shaq and more. [Nov 6]

Dorell Wright Interview
[Miami] met with Heat rookie D-Wright to talk about the league, his game, playing with Shaq and more. [Nov 4]


Gordan Giricek Mini-Interview
[Utah] A quick exclusive chat with Utah's Giricek. [Oct 31]

Flip Saunders Interview
[Minnesota] Coach Saunders discusses his Wolves. [Oct 27]

Terry Porter Interview
[Milwaukee] Coach Porter discusses his Bucks. [Oct 27]

Lawrence Frank Interview
[New Jersey] Coach Frank discusses his Nets. [Oct 27]

Jason Terry Interview
[Dallas] JT talks about being a Maverick. [Oct 26]

Paul Silas Interview
[Cleveland] Coach Silas discusses his Cavs. [Oct 20]

Scott Skiles Interview
[Chicago] Coach Skiles discusses his Bulls. [Oct 20]

Bernie Bickerstaff Interview
[Charlotte] Coach/GM discusses his Bobcats. [Oct 20]

Doc Rivers Interview
[Boston] Coach Rivers discusses his Celtics. [Oct 19]

Mike Woodson Interview
[Atlanta] Coach Woodson discusses his Hawks. [Oct 19]

Tony Massenburg Interview
[NBA Interviews] Read about TM's long NBA journey. [Oct 16]

Mike Sweetney Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] A quick chat with the young forward. [Oct 16]


Rafer Alston Interview
[Toronto Raptors] met with Rafer Alston for an interview on the Raptors, Vince Carter and Jalen Rose. [Aug 20]

J.R. Smith Interview
[NBA Interviews] met with New Orleans Hornets rookie J.R. Smith for an exclusive interview. See who Smith says could have gone pro this year but didn't. [Aug 17]

Fat Joe Interview
[Entertainment] met with rapper Fat Joe at a streetball tournament to talk Knicks and more. [Aug 12]

Orlando GM Interview
[Orlando Magic] See what Orlando GM John Weisbrod said about the Gooden-Battie trade and the Magic. [July 23]

Steve Nash press conference
[Phoenix Suns] Steve Nash answered media questions, and the Suns owner and general manager also spoke. [July 14]

Gavin Grant Interview
[NCAA Interview] Learn about an awesome big guard from New York who joins Julius Hodge at NC State this season. [July 6]

Nyan Boateng Interview
[High School] An exclusive update on the 17 year-old superfreak in NYC with a 45-inch vertical leap who carried his football team to a 10-0 season while helping S. Telfair win NYC's PSAL basketball championship. [July 2]

NBA Draft Interviews
[NBA Draft] About twenty players. [June 25]

NBA Pre-Draft Interviews
[NBA Draft] Wednesday interviews with Rafael Araujo, Andris Biedrins, Josh Childress, Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Devin Harris, Dwight Howard and Andre Iguodala. [June 24]

NBA Pre-Draft Interviews 2
[NBA Draft] Wednesday interviews with Shaun Livingston, Sergei Monia, Jameer Nelson, Emeka Okafor, Josh Smith and Kirk Snyder. [June 24]


Pistons Interviews
[Detroit Pistons] See what Brown, Hamilton, Billups, Ben, Rasheed and other Pistons said the day before Game 4. [June 13]

Lakers Interviews
[Detroit Pistons] See what Jackson, Kobe, Fisher, Walton, Payton and other Lakers said the day before Game 4. [June 13]

David Stern Interview
[NBA Interviews] NBA commissioner David Stern and Deputy Russ Granik spoke with the media about scoring in the league, television ratings, expansion to Europe and much more. [June 9]

NBA Draft Lottery Interviews
[NBA Lottery] Read 10 interviews with NBA team reps at the 2004 NBA draft lottery after the results were official. Orlando interviews are separate (see below). [May 27]

Orlando GM John Weisbrod Interview
[Orlando Magic] The Orlando Magic just won first pick in the 2004 NBA draft. Here's the in-depth reaction from Orlando general manager John Weisbrod. [May 27]

Johnny Davis Interview
[Orlando Magic] The Orlando Magic just won first pick in the 2004 NBA draft. Here's the fairly quick reaction from Magic coach Johnny Davis. [May 27]

Rasheed Wallace Interview
[NBA Playoffs] After Detroit's Game 6 win over New Jersey, met with Rasheed Wallace for an in-depth, exclusive interview. If you have some time, dive in and read one of the most personal, insightful Rasheed interviews of all time. Only brings you content like this. [May 17]

Richard Jefferson Interview
[NBA Playoffs] The Nets beat the Knicks to take Game One of their first round playoff series. See what Richard Jefferson said after the game. [Apr 18]

Brian Scalabrine Interview
[NBA Playoffs] The Nets beat the Knicks to take Game One of their first round playoff series. See what Brian "Veal" Scalabrine said after the game. [Apr 18]

LeBron James Interview
[NBA Interviews] presents a full-length LeBron James interview from Madison Square Garden on the final night of the 2003-04 NBA regular season. [Apr 15]

Omar Cook interview
[NBA Interviews] Cook tells what he thinks would have happened had he stayed longer in college. [Apr 14]

Boris Diaw mini-interview
[NBA Interviews] A quick talk with the Hawks rookie. [Apr 14]

Mike Sweetney mini-interview
[NBA Interviews] A quick talk with the Knicks rookie. [Apr 14]

David Stern interview
[NBA Interviews] NBA commissioner David Stern spoke with the media to discuss the upcoming playoffs, NBA draft issues and much more. [Apr 12]

Taliek Brown Interview
[Portsmouth] met with Taliek Brown of the NCAA champion UConn Huskies for an exclusive interview about winning it all, his teammates, the UConn women's team and more. [Apr 8]

Jason Collier Interview
[Atlanta Hawks] Sixty seconds with with Hawks center Jason Collier. [Apr 5]

Theo Ratliff Interview
[Portland Trail Blazers] met with Blazers center Theo Ratliff for an exclusive interview, regarding his current team and leaving the Hawks. [Mar 30]

Chris Bosh Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] Half a minute with the rookie Raptor. [Mar 27]

Chris Webber and Rick Adelman Interviews
[NBA Interviews] exclusive interviews with Sacramento Kings star and coach. [Mar 20]

Interview with Atlanta's Billy Knight
[Atlanta Hawks] See exactly what the Atlanta Hawks goals are with all these moves they're making. [Feb 19]

Darko Milicic Interview
[NBA Weekly] met with Detroit Pistons rookie Darko Milicic to discuss his playing time and development. [Feb 18]

Knicks Mini-Interviews
[New York Knicks] Dikembe Mutombo and new Knick Tim Thomas discuss the latest. [Feb 18]

Jones/Richardson Dunk Interviews
[All-Star Weekend] Here's what new slam dunk champion Fred Jones and runner-up Jason Richardson said to the media after the contest was over. [Feb 15]

Kobe Bryant Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Kobe's a starter for the West all-star team. Check out what he had to say. [Feb 15]

Ray Allen Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Sonics guard Ray Allen knows he missed a lot of games this year, but he played like an all-star when actually on the floor. [Feb 15]

Shaq Interview
[All-Star Weekend] See what Shaq said to the media about Kobe, the Lakers, Yao Ming and more. [Feb 15]

Allen Iverson Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Philly's The Answer is back for yet another all-star game. See what Iverson said to the media. [Feb 15]

Sam Cassell Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Cassell is finally an all-star. See what he had to say about it. [Feb 14]

Michael Redd Interview
[All-Star Weekend] Milwaukee's Redd raised his game in a big way this season. [Feb 14]

Jermaine O'Neal Interview
[Indiana Pacers] and other media spoke with Jermaine O'Neal in Madison Square Garden. This is just part one. O'Neal thinks Isiah will eventually return to coaching. [Feb 5]

Ricky Davis Interview
[NBA Interviews] In an exclusive interview with Boston's Ricky Davis blasted Cleveland, his former team, for having no system and no organization. [Feb 4]

Byron Scott Interview from Sunday
[NBA Interviews] Sunday in New Jersey the Nets beat the Boston Celtics in convincing fashion. After the game, coach Byron Scott had his usual media press conference. presents the complete transcript. This turned out to be his final interview as NJ's coach. [Jan 26]

Cuban-Maloofs Interview
[NBA Interviews] A terrific media conference call with Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Kings owners Joe an Gavin Maloof. [Jan 23]

Jon Bender Interview
[NBA Interviews] talked to Indiana Pacers forward Jon Bender about his game and the team. [Jan 20]

Allan Houston Interview
[New York Knicks] Wednesday night, after the Knicks beat Orlando in Madison Square Garden, Allan Houston interviewed with reporters about Don Chaney's firing and Lenny Wilkens' hiring. [Jan 15]

Maurice Taylor Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] Houston Rockets forward Mo Taylor spoke with about the team. [Jan 9]

LeBron James Interview
[NBA Interviews] and a few other media outlets recently met with NBA superstar LeBron James for a full-length interview. [Jan 4]

Wang Zhizhi Interview
[Miami Heat] Hailing from China, Wang has worked hard to hang around in the league. But, as he says, he just loves playing basketball. Check the exclusive interview. [Jan 2]

Dwyane Wade Interview
[Miami Heat] D-Wade is an awesome rookie. Although his Miami Heat aren't winning, Wade's come into the league with a bang. Check the exclusive interview. [Dec 31]

Frank Williams Interview
[NBA Interviews] New York Knicks point guar Frank Williams is an exciting young player. met with him for an exclusive interview. [Dec 26]

Spike Lee Interview
[NBA Interviews] The Knicks have fired general manager Scott Layden and replaced him with Isiah Thomas. Mere minutes after the press conference, conducted an exclusive interview with the most famous Knicks fan on Earth, Spike Lee. [Dec 23]

Brent Barry Interview
[NBA Interviews] met with Barry for an exclusive interview about zone defenses, the NBA offense and more. [Dec 10]

Mike Miller Interview
[NBA Interviews] The Memphis Grizzlies are having a very good season, and Mike Miller is a big reason why. met with Miller for an exclusive interview. [Dec 9]

Hubie Brown Interview
[NBA Interviews] Bonzi Wells just got traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, and presents an interview with coach Brown just hours after the trade was made. [Dec 4]

Mike Sweetney Interview
[NBA Interviews] and Knicks rookie Mike Sweetney talked about getting used to the league. [Dec 3]

John Salmons Interview
[NBA Interviews] and Sixers guard John Salmons talked about this and that in a quick interview. [Dec 3]

Shaq Interview
[NBA Interviews] and other media in Madison Square Garden conducted a full-length interview with Los Angeles Lakers superstar Shaquille O'Neal. Read the whole thing. [Nov 22]

Kobe Bryant Interview
[NBA Interviews] and other media in Madison Square Garden conducted a full-length interview with Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. Read the whole thing. [Nov 20]

Yao Ming Interview
[NBA Interviews] and Houston Rockets center Yao Ming recently sat down for an interview. The highlight of his summer? Going home to eat real Chinese food. [Nov 14]

Jermaine O'Neal Mini-Interview
[NBA Interviews] and some other media surrounded the Pacers star to discuss stuff. [Nov 12]

Paul Pierce Interview
[Interviews] In this exclusive interview, Pierce suggested the NBA get rid of the three-point line. You heard me. Read and enjoy. [Nov 5]

Jerry Sloan Interview
[Interviews] Have lowered expectations of the Utah Jazz this season? Don't tell that to Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan, because he's not hearing it. An exclusive. [Oct 24]

Vin Baker Interview
[Interviews] By now you've probably seen the amazing physical transformation Boston Celtics forward Vin Baker has made. presents an exclusive interview with Vin about how he made it happen. [Oct 19]

Flip Saunders Interview
[Teleconference] The media spoke with Flip about the new-look Timberwolves. How will all these stars mesh? [Oct 17]

Hubie Brown Interview
[Teleconference] The media spoke with Brown about the Grizzlies, the emergence of Pau Gasol and more. [Oct 17]

Larry Brown Interview
[Teleconference] The media spoke with Brown about this year's Pistons squad. [Oct 17]

Kevin O'Neill Interview
[Teleconference] The media spoke with O'Neill about Vince Carter and the rest of the Raptors. [Oct 17]

Olowokandi mini-interview
[Interviews] A mini-interview, to be exact. Olowokandi smiles at the thought of leaving Los Angeles, and in this exclusive interview tells that Kevin Garnett has added a new weapon to his game. [Oct 16]

Kevin Garnett mini-interview
[Interviews] A mini-interview, to be exact. Exclusive to KG reveals that he's definitely considering joining the 2004 U.S. Olympic basketball team. [Oct 15]

Latrell Sprewell Interview
[Interviews] Although he didn't play, Latrell Sprewell last night was in Madison Square Garden as a member of a visiting team. Check out everything he had to say about not being a Knick anymore and adapting to his new team. [Oct 12]

For more interviews, see the archive page.

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