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NBA Throwback Jerseys

| Dec. 15, 2005

NBA throwback jerseys are must-haves for ballers, hip-hop artists, and fashion-savvy sports fans everywhere. For the hottest throwbacks, there's only one place to go - Inside Hoops brings you the inside scoop on the top throwbacks for the '05-'06 NBA season. Click on any NBA throwback jersey below and get one for yourself!

nba throwback jerseys On November 1, 1991, Mitch Richmond was traded by the Golden State Warriors to the Sacramento Kings. Richmond, the 1988 Rookie of the Year, represented the Kings on the Western All Star team six consecutive times. After the 1998 season the Kings sent Richmond to the Washington Bullets for Chris Webber. Richmond finished his career in 2002 by winning his only NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers. While in Sacramento, Richmond averaged 23.3 points in etching his name as one of the games top players.

nba throwback jerseys In 1975, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was acquired by the Los Angeles Lakers. Abdul-Jabbar, a collegiate star at UCLA, was no stranger to the high profile city of Los Angeles. Despite the consistent MVP play of Abdul-Jabbar the Lakers struggled to return to the Finals until they drafted Earvin Johnson in 1979. Johnson teamed up with Abdul-Jabbar to make the Lakers a legitimate contender. During the 1979-1980 season Abdul-Jabbar won his sixth and final league MVP Award as he recorded an average of 24.8 ppg and 10.8 rpg. The Lakers reached the Finals were they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in six games.

nba throwback jerseys In 1986, the Cleveland Cavaliers received Mark Price in a draft day trade with the Dallas Mavericks. Price, who was a small point guard out of Georgia Tech, defied the cynical banter of the critics who didn’t believe in his ability to play competitively at the game’s highest level. Throughout his career, Price was revered as one of the league’s top sharp shooters as he headed the Cavaliers offensive attack. Price’s consistency was shown in his career 90 percent average from the free throw line.

nba throwback jerseys Wear the 1990-1991 Washington Bullets #30 of the great Bernard King, whose NBA throwback jersey has been worn for years by tons of fans who appreciate great style and great throwbacks.
nba throwback jerseys Kobe Bryant broke into the NBA in 1996 as a teenager fresh out of high school. It was during Bryant’s rookie season that the NBA celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The league named its top 50 players of all time as the young Bryant began to develop himself into the future of the NBA. Thus far, Kobe Bryant has led the Lakers to three NBA titles and has begun a new era in the history of the NBA.

nba throwback jerseys The 1985-1986 Boston Celtics finished the season atop the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division. The Celtics tallied an impressive 67 win season, losing only one regular season game on the parquet floor of the Boston Garden. The Celtics were led by the legendary Larry Bird, who won his third straight MVP award. The Celtics aggressive and intimidating play was defined heavily through Kevin McHale and Robert Parrish, both of whom successfully paralyzed their opponents on both sides of the court. On the road to the NBA Finals the Celtics barreled through the Eastern Conference playoffs, losing only one game. The Celtics won their 16th NBA title when they defeated the Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals. Bird's NBA throwback jerseys are as legendary as his game.
nba throwback jerseys As the man who hit more three-pointers than any player in the history of the NBA and one of basketball's greatest clutch performers, Reggie Miller was the heart and soul of the Indiana Pacers. He once brought them to the NBA Finals, and his NBA throwback jersey is extremely cool.
nba throwback jerseys Shaquille O’Neal has been the games most dominant player since his arrival in 1992. Orlando was officially put on the basketball map as O’Neil shined in the Magic’s spotlight. During his rookie season, O’Neil earned Rookie of the Year honors by averaging 23.4 ppg and 13.9 rpg. In just his third year in the league, the 22-year old O’Neil led the Magic to the NBA Finals where they lost to the Houston Rockets.
nba throwback jerseys 1994-1995 Seattle SuperSonics kelly green nylon textured mesh road throwback jersey #40 of Shawn Kemp, who was a dunking maniac, and his look will always be one of the hottest NBA throwback jerseys around.
nba throwback jerseys The South African born Steve Nash entered the NBA in 1996 as the Phoenix Suns number one draft pick. After spending two seasons with the Suns, Nash was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. During his time in Dallas, Nash developed into one of the leagues top guards. In 2004, Nash returned to Phoenix where he helped develop the Suns into one of the top teams in the Western Conference. Nash’s offensive brilliance helped earn him MVP honors during the 2004-2005 season.

nba throwback jerseys After leading the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels to a National title, Larry Johnson made his entrance into the NBA in 1991. Chosen by the then Charlotte Hornets in the first round, Johnson immediately became a force within the league. Johnson won NBA Rookie of the Year honors. In just his second season with the Hornets, Johnson guided the Hornets to the first playoff appearance in the history of their franchise.

nba throwback jersey In 1979, after leading Michigan State to an NCAA title, Magic Johnson was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. Johnson’s magical style of play helped propel the Lakers to five NBA Championships during his career. In his rookie season, Johnson teamed up with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to lead the Lakers to the NBA Finals against the Philadelphia 76ers. Johnson showed his versatility on the hardwood when Abdul-Jabbar was injured in Game 5 of the Finals. With a huge void left by league MVP Abdul-Jabbar, Johnson stepped up and played the center position. Johnson stole the show as he led the Lakers to the NBA title while being named the Finals MVP. You need one of his NBA throwback jerseys on your back.

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