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NBA Power Rankings


NBA power rankings, rating the entire league from top to bottom. Our NBA power rankings are based mostly on how good teams really are, with recent performances taken into partial consideration. Updated regularly during the regular season,'s NBA power rankings focus on the big, season-long picture.

Updated August 11, 1018

1) Warriors: Led by Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, the champs clearly remain the best team in the NBA. JaVale McGee is gone, but DeMarcus Cousins replaces him. Cousins is injured, will miss a big chunk of the season, but as long as he's able to contribute effective minutes even in limited fashion by the time the playoffs roll around, the Warriors should be as good as ever.

2) Celtics: An excellent team last year that will only get better with more experience, Kyrie Irving back healthy, and Gordon Hayward, who missed all of last season, introduced into the mix. Boston almost looked NBA Finals-ready last year. With LeBron James now out West, the Celtics are the Eastern conference favorite to reach the Finals in 2019.

3) Rockets: Starting small forward Trevor Ariza is gone, while forward Carmelo Anthony is on board. Ariza was mostly a role player on the Rockets but he fit in nicely with the starters, especially as a defender, while Melo at this point in his career is probably best used as scoring punch in limited minutes off the bench. Whether Melo agrees with that is another story. This will be fascinating to watch.

We'll update our NBA power rankings again in late October, expanding them at least through the top 10.