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InsideHoops NBA [Home] Feb. 14, 2004

2004 NBA Celebrity Game Recap

THE LATEST: Bucks waive Christian Wood, sign Tim Frazier





Game notes from 2004 NBA All-Star Weekend's Celebrity Game, played Friday night before the Rookie Challenge. It's the Lakers vs. Braves - old school retro uniforms, with teams made up of a few NBA players, a few WNBA players, but mostly famous actors and musicians.

Bill Walton is making brilliant observations. Right at the start of the game he wished the game had more players that care about self-promotion.

"Greg Anthony should not trade Paris Hilton" - Bill Walton, a few minutes into the game, on what Greg Anthony, one of the team's general managers, should do with Paris Hilton, one of the assistant coaches.

The Braves got off to an 8-2 lead thanks to DJ Clue stepping up.

Richard Jefferson has missed three dunks in the first three and a half minutes of the game.

Mark Jackson is making nice touch-passes. They aren't resulting in assists, though, due to shoddy teammates.

At 5:15, Richard Jefferson swatted DJ Clue's shot into the stands.

This game makes Mark Jackson almost look athletic. Almost.

At 4:00, it's Braves 16 Lakers 6.

Sue Bird and her pretty face missed a long jumper.

At 2:20, Richard Jefferson was alone on a fast break and threw down a nice windmill. Still, he's looking a bit sluggish. A late night out, perhaps.

The Lakers have made a comeback. The Braves are now only up 15-13.

"Richard Jefferson has prepared his whole life to get to this point" - Bill Walton, late first quarter.

A minute later, Jefferson hit a three.

In the final minute of the first quarter, Nelly finally showed up.

For some stupid reason the game clock does not stop during most stoppage of play.

End of first quarter: Tied 19-19.

Rapper Nelly is in for the Braves in the second quarter. He's (intentionally) wearing his jersey backwards.

Michael Rappaport is trying to pass like Larry Bird. His effort is appreciated.

Rodger Lodge, host of Blind Date, hit a jumper. He'll get some tonight, count on that.

Nick Carter, the 5,900th boyfriend of Paris Hilton's, hit a jumper. He'll hit something tonight, count on that.

Paris Hilton has her pet dog with her on the sideline. Tom Tolbert keeps referring to it as a rat.

"Frankie's just a gunner out there" - Bill Walton on Frankie Muniz.

At 5:20 in the second quarter it's Braves up, 29-25.

Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher's aunt, err, sorry, girlfriend, is sitting in the second row, looking fine, though somewhat in disguise with big black sunglasses and a hat on her lovely head.

At 4:20, DJ Clue missed a wide open, uncontested layup. Damn that 420...

At 3:30 it's Braves up 29-27. is the best NBA website on the planet.

Greg Anthony during a time-out tried to bribe opposing player Richard Jefferson to change teams. Jefferson declined.

Paris Hilton is spending the entire game talking on the phone.

"Just missed" - Bill Walton on Bill Bellamey's airball layup, late second quarter.

Tom Tolbert asked how many turnovers (there have been a lot of them) have occured so far in this game. "Not enough," responded Walton.

"The rat has clothes" - Tolbert on Paris Hilton's dog, which is wearing a doggie sweater.

The first half has ended.

"I love Lakers, yeah" - Paris Hilton, who probably meant that she loves "the Lakers" - but you never know.

During halftime, Carmelon Anthony said he's still disappointed about not being named to the NBA All-Star team.

"I'm guaranteeing a victory" - Carmelo Anthony, predicting that the rookies will beat the sophomores in the 2004 Rookie Challenge game. He was wrong.

"Pat Riley is here looking for players." - Bill Walton, start of the second half.

Cuttino Mobley has been signed to a 10-minute contract to the Braves.

The leading rebounder in the first half for either team was Nelly, with six boards. Maybe his backwards jersey confused opponents when they tried to box him out.

At 8:20 in the third quarter it's Braves up 39-36.

The lead singer of Sugar Ray stole the ball from Sue Bird. Cutie. Sue, that is.

A few plays later, Sue Bird hit an open three - her first points of the game. Cutie.

Cuttino Mobley has checked in for Mark Jackson, who has done little.

At 2:20 it's Braves up 45-40.

"Obviously he begged, pleaded, probably bought his way into the game" - Bill Walton on Cuttino Mobley signing a 10-minute contract to get into this exhibition.

"How do you sleep at night?" - Bill Walton to Tom Tolbert, disgusted by some of Tolbert's analysis of this game.

At the end of the third quarter it's Braves 46 Lakers 42.

"I'm looking for overtime here." - Bill Walton.

For some weird reason, the fourth quarter is only a seven-minute quarter.

At 6:00 in the fourth quarter, it appears that Paris Hilton has finally finished the cellphone call that occupied her for the first three quarters of the game.

Although Paris told Jim Grey that she had been talking on her cellphone to her sister for most of the game, several sources report that Paris had actually been speaking to Jeff Lenchiner, the editor of The hot rumor is that Paris was trying to convince Lenchiner to join her and some female friends after the game in Paris' hotel room for some special private time. Lenchiner declined to comment.

Cuttino Mobley, signed to a 10-minute contract, played for a few minutes, and now has been waived. He feels disrespected.

At 3:40 it's Braves 52 Lakers 48. The Braves have led by a few points throughout this game.

"Clue has finally found the range on his layups" - Bill Walton on DJ Clue.

Everyone is complaining that Richard Jefferson is taking this game a bit too seriously.

"I think you have to start fouling right now" - Bill Walton giving advice to the Lakers, who are only down four with a full two minutes to go.

"Clueless" - Bill Walton speaking of DJ Clue.

With a minute left in the game the Braves are up 60-52.

Final score: Braves 60 Lakers 52.


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